US companies seek final approval to start slaughtering horses for food


I eat rabbits, their cute.
I have eaten snake (very good) not cute.
I eat frog legs, their ugly.
Alligators are ugly, I’ve eaten them.
Pigs are not cute nor ugly and I eat them.
Cows are not cute, but they taste great.
Deer are beautiful and graceful they taste great.
I image horse would also taste good.
But somehow many see them as an animal we shouldn’t eat.

About eight miles outside of Roswell, N.M., a shuttered cattle farm is getting ready to reopen its doors. Only this time, the Valley Meat Co. won’t be killing cows. It hopes to be the first U.S. farm to start slaughtering horses for human consumption.

Not far behind could be plants in Missouri, Iowa and Oklahoma.

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I wonder if it is tough and if there is a “gamey” taste. I would be willing to try it.


Why stop with such noble animals as horses? Why not dogs and cats? We’re at the top of the food chain, we can eat whatever we want.


I agree, and many have eaten Dog and I’m sure cat also. I’ve also had turtle soup in Mexico.
I hope they don’t start breeding horses for meat. But we have a wild horse population problem in some states. Might ne a good solution.
I would much rather see folks eat more buffalo. It’s a leaner meat. And I do not know why rabbit is not more available or accepted. It’s the leanest and most healthy meat one can eat according to the USDA.

I don’t see why this guy is any less noble.
I’d shoot him in a minuet!!! Yum!


I was being facetious. As a “civilized” society we should draw the line and shouldn’t eat animals that are intelligent social creatures that are viewed as by many as companions. The idea of eating horse meat sickens me.



Yeah, I understand the sentiment. We all seem to have a connection with horses.
Rabbits make great pets and I eat them too. But there is something about a horse.
Still, to just shoot them to thin out wild herds and leave them to rot seems a less
noble thing to do. In many parts of the world they eat odd stuff.

I would probably try it.


Monkey brains in old China, Asia eats lots of dogs and some cats, some areas in Africa , maggots is a general staple,I haven’t tried these, but I have found Buffalo to be gamey and bland, didn’t really care for it. I have tried bees [bumble] no flavor, grasshoppers in some kind of sauce , tasted the sauce little else, ants, chocolate covered, again tasted the chocolate. People in need will eat whatever is available [if it is edible] So if horse is what is on the menu someone will eat it.


I would rather pet them and scratch their heads.


I have to wonder if the dressing and butchering process wasn’t to blame for the gaminess. We’ve got some rather gamey venison in the freezer, but none of the deer I took were gamey flavored.


I eat liberals, but I wouldn’t eat a dog or a cat.


I ate horse in Okinawa. That’s the weirdest land animal they eat. They don’t do dog and cat. But they will eat anything from the sea.

It was at a place whose name translated into "The Sick Cow"
The mascot logo was a Green Cow Face…

Anyhow, under normal circumstances I would not have stepped in the door, but I had buddies who ate there often and I trusted their judgement. It was a hibachi (not the chef with the fancy knife work, tossing eggs and such) but a large round table with a small grill in the center. Special items were cooked by the staff in the kitchen, fried rice and such. Your meats, you picked your meat, chicken, beef, pork, horse, or several types of seafood, and put it on skewers to cook on the hibachi. Buffet style, but not like American buffet. You had several choices of marinade to put it in. I think there may have been some vegetables also.

Horse… I don’t recall anything special about it. Good, bad… I don’t know. It tasted like meat.


I didn’t find buffalo to be gamy & bland (how can it be both?

), but then, the only buffalo I have eaten was from domesticated animals.


It’s taboo because they do work for us and have fought in battles beside us. :frowning: