US Counterterrorism Funds and the Orlando shooter


How US Counterterrorism Funds Ended Up in the Orlando Terrorist’s Pocket - Defense One

How US Counterterrorism Funds Ended Up in the Orlando Terrorist’s Pocket

Mateen was working for G4S as a security guard at a courthouse in 2013 when his co-workers became alarmed by “statements that were inflammatory and contradictory,” FBI Director James Comey told reporters on Monday. “First, he claimed family connections to al Qaeda. He also said that he was a member of Hezbollah, which is a Shia terrorist organization and a bitter enemy of the Islamic State, or ISIL. He said that he hoped that law enforcement would raid his apartment and assault his wife and child so he could martyr himself. When this was reported to us, the FBI’s Miami office opened a preliminary investigation.”

Over the next ten months, the FBI examined Mateen to determine if he was, in fact, a terrorist, “something we do in hundreds and hundredsof cases all across the country,” said Comey. That involved introducing confidential sources to Mateen, recording conversations with him, following him, reviewing transactional records from his communications, and searching government holdings for any possible connections. During the interviews, Comey said, Mateen admitted that he made the statements but said he was just trying to scare co-workers who had bullied him.

In July 2014, the FBI became concerned that Mateen was connected toMoner Mohammad Abusalha, a suicide bomber affiliated with the Nusra Front, a rival to ISIS in Syria. Abusalha had grown up in nearby Vero Beach, Florida. “Our investigation turned up no ties” of any consequence between the two, Comey said Monday.

Before you blame the FBI for failing to take Mateen seriously enough, consider that the government follows up on 5,000 tips (or leads) a dayaccording Mueller and Mark Stewart.
A bit more disturbing is that G4S continued to employ Mateen after the first incident, enabling him to keep his security guard license. He also had a license to carry a handgun, like the Glock pistol he took to the shooting at the Orlando club. Florida doesn’t require any special permit or license to purchase an assault rifle of the type Mateen used to kill his victims.

The stock market, at any rate, has punished G4S, sending its shares down significantly on Monday.

The massacre at the Pulse nightclub suggests that the $1 trillion U.S. tax dollars that have gone to domestic counterterrorism since 9/11 are at least somewhat poorly accounted for. That conclusion is backed up by a 2010 National Academies of Sciencereport which, noted DHS did not have any “risk analysis capabilities and methods” to make sure that the money it was giving to companies like G4S was going to the right place.

“The report, which essentially suggested that the DHS had spent hundreds of billions of dollars without knowing what it was doing, generated no coverage in the media whatsoever,” Mueller and Stewart write.

It’s hard to think of a worse place for U.S. counterrorism dollars than the pocket of Omar Mateen.

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The problem is 17oaks, is America has to maintain it’s soul. A system of immense and excessive freedoms (sad that I have to characterize freedoms as “excessive”, this alone tells you a lot about how the rest of the world operates…) is going to have to deal with more potential dangers. The same creativity that allows an economy to flourish, innovate and expand, and individuals to express themselves, is going to have some anomalies. The trade off for freedom and danger is always going to exist.

The FBI did what it could in their investigation. A great deal of resources were spent tracking this guy and investigating him. Once they don’t have reason to target him, what more can they do? What can an employer do? What SHOULD an employer do? The things he was saying at work would be an HR issue certainly, but it’s always a slippery slope.

If you want a society similar to East Germany (and many parts of Canada) in which the very word of a state actor is enough to ruin your career, marriage and pursuits of happiness, than this is what will happen. You will see your innovation disappear, you will see a greater reliance on government, classes of government opportunists who will take a job and have it guaranteed for life and free opportunities for their children in the government. It is exactly what you don’t need. It is the resounding characteristic of America that no other country has replicated and it is the very reason America is unique and the most desired location for people to immigrate to.

I am glad the FBI isn’t apologizing for their actions or sugar coating their efforts. They did what they could within the limits of your Constitution and in following natural laws of freedom, rule of law, due process. When dealing with so many threats, you are bound to have some fall through the cracks. His wife has blood on her hands and anyone else who might have suspected something but didn’t follow through with a call to authorities. In todays day and age you cannot take a chance when people express real hatred and violent language. If the FBI had been contacted last month by say, his WIFE regarding his intentions, this situation probably ends differently as they can re-activate his file with reliable information about his risk. In the end, no one has a Magic Ball that they can shake to determine exactly who and when a person goes from words to actions.


Shocked, I think you are missing the point. While I fully agree with your comments, the point of this is the lack of accountability of the $1 TRILLION large spent on Homeland Defense.

We have a govt drunk with spending, note our $19.2 TRILLION DEBT and add to this the whole PC THINK and you have Orlando and far more to come. We have no borders anyone can stroll into this country, sign up for welfare and get benefits far in excess of an American Citizen.

We will continue to spiral downward with an increasing pace, the govt will be broke Richard and cannot function as a result, the future holds gang wars and a country run by gangs: Blacks, Mexicans and the terrorism of the radical Muslims, the US will become ‘no country for white men’.

We already have corruption at every level of govt. I along with many across America was shocked and dumfounded when the SCOTUS ruled on Obamacare. John Roberts sold out when he made law from the bench…SCOTUS lacks this authority, they can only rule on Constitutionality.

The next shoe to possibly drop is the FBI, will they also sell out, they clearly have enough on Klinton to put her in prison for the rest of her life and probably execute her for Treason. If she walks free the the last stronghold of the “Untouchables” will have been touched!

The things you said you feared will come and they will come from corruption inside the govt as it goes after its enemies…the conservatives, the Christians and anyone it fears…