US diplomat kills two Pakistani attackers in Lahore


There’s been a shooting in Pakistan involving a US Embassy employee, who killed one motorcyclist and wounded another. The PakiStreets are in uproar. This article suggests that it was in self defense, the US Embassy employee was not a garden-variety civilian, and there more to the incident than meets the eye. Gotta head off to work, so maybe this could be pursued by others if there’s interest?


US official Raymond Davis on Lahore murder charges

BBC News - US official Raymond Davis on Lahore murder charges

Mr Davis is said to have told police that the motorcycle rider and his pillion passenger had been trying to hijack his vehicle at gunpoint.

Police said he told officers that he had withdrawn money from a cash machine shortly before the incident.



He is looking at a jail sentence because the White House will ensure he is not supported.

This attack reminds me of instances in the U.S. and when this occurs the neighbors come out and tell the press how good those involved were in spite of their criminal ties and rap sheets.


I dunno if the video is still good, but FC has a video of interviews with people in his apartment complex while he was in Hawaii. There was a hostage situation. I can no longer remember the details, but people were defending the perp because he was handicapped (I think). One woman was making no sense at all, except it was clear that she was on the perp’s side. I thought she must be on drugs, but FC had apparently seen or heard her before, and said she was “always like that.”