US embassy Iraq under attack*

The ‘mourners’ that the nyt and twitter insist on calling them are actually Iranian supported terrorists…They have vowed to leave all dead in the embassy. Ambassador and staff were evacuated earlier this afternoon. Some military personnel stayed behind…>The attack continued. The president sent in reinforcements…@100 late afternoon and I just heard that he has sent in 750 others.

The terrorist leading this uprising…mourners my foot, was a guest of Obama’s in OUR WHITE HOUSE while the Kenyan Prince resided there. Should tell reasonable people something. SOMETHING.

The good news is we now have a president that will not abandon our troops to die when something could be done. But then, what difference does it make in Libya at this point anyway.

*sorry I don’t know why I said Iran…I meant Iraq…terrorists are Iranian supported.

Via Real Clear Politics from 2011:

When Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki visited the White House this week, he brought his transportation minister, Hadi Farhan al-Amiri. During the rule of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Amiri served as a commander of the Badr Corps — a group backed at the time by the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard), which has been linked to several attacks on western targets. FOX News has further information on the visit here.

Today at the White House press briefing, FOX News’ Ed Henry asked White House press secretary Jay Carney about the visit and whether a background check was performed on him.

Carney said he would have to check on that and wouldn’t provide further details. Transcript of the exchange at link.

In times like this, it’s comforting to have a president that we can have perfect confidence will defend the US and our interests.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year @KenJackson TRUMP 2020, 2024 2028 2032…….LOL

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No “Benghazi BS” for this President.

I’m still skeptical of how he’s handling this. He keeps saying that he doesn’t want war with Iran, but I think he needs to say a little more of “all options- including military- are on the table.”

well I’m going to have to say this @Fantasy_Chaser like I tell some posters at another site who are still complaining about this President’s tactics. What he states in the beginning and what he actually does are two different things. Yes I know…you might take that the wrong way as a negative for this president…but I’ve watched posters come unglued about what the president says and then he does what is right for this country and citizens. This is an uncommon president but then he has to be because he is president in an uncommon time with an uncommonly vicious and lying media and opposition…crazed even. It’s like he throws a molotove cocktail dud over THERE so the media can chase it while over HERE he is doing the right thing. Over and over he has done this. So let’s just sit back and watch what happens. So far he has done the right thing in spite of the media’s insistence that he has not.

Skepticism is healthy, but do remember that any mention of military action gets him painted as a war-monger. Not a big fan of the guy, but the media hates, loathes and despises him with the burning passion of 10 billion supernovas

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The American people hate the fake media back with 10 billion plus supernovas.


Well, yeah, but the geniuses (just ask 'em, they’ll tell ya) in the media can’t figure out why

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That’s because they are so arrogant that they think they are above everybody and never wrong. Even when they do get wrong, the news media is loathe to admit it.

When I lived in the Boston area, The Boston Globe printed the lies on the front page and the retractions on the last page a few days later.

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And any lack of a hard line gets him painted as a wuss. It doesn’t matter what he does; he’ll be castigated for it. So he might as well do what’s right.


He might actually be doing it. I saw a headline on Yahoo that an airstrike killed some Iranian general; and Iran is promising doom and cataclysm to the U.S. (they’re going to batter our feet with their rear ends).

Has anyone heard anything more about this?

Head over to and see what the leftist media, cnn, MSNBC, etc are saying about these wonderful people that Trump is bombing to smithereens.

Msnbc calls these dead war heroes, Not our side…the ENEMY’S!!

And they can’t figure out why americans hate the US Media’s guts.

Left is not taking Soleimani’s death well.…nis-death-well

Msnbc….distraught at death of head of quds:…ian-quds-force

CNN calls his killing, murder:…leimani-murder

Trump is bombing war heroes:…oes-says-msnbc

Without running his yap about it. Yeah, looks like he did. No fan if Donald Trump the man, but I’m fairly well pleased with his presidency, thus far.

Well Hollywood is sure having cows over this whole thing…screaming hysterical fits. Rose McGowan…John Cusack…does anyone really know who they are anymore? hardly.

and Media. They near apoplectic. Amanpour, MSNBC. The President could cure cancer and they’d say he caused it in the first place. LOLOL

I never heard of her until I saw a headline about her moronic tirade this morning.

No, they’d say he’s racist for killing those poor malignant tumors…

I saw a meme the other day that portrayed Trump as a magician with the caption: “And for my next trick, I’ll make Democrats defend Iran…”

saw that one @Fantasy_Chaser…and OTHER good ones this am. IF I can bring them here i’ll do it. MAde you feel REAL GOOD>

One was Pope slaps a woman, media okay.
Trump takes out terrorist, Media has meltdown.

Rose McGowin was a replacement for one the stars of the series “Charmed.” Other than that she showed up butt naked at an awards ceremony, wearing a see-though piece of cloth over a g-string, six or seven years ago. Now she is shaving her head and sometimes bleaching the fuzz blond to gain attention

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