US flags called 'liability,' ordered removed from New York fire trucks


US flags called ‘liability,’ ordered removed from New York fire trucks | Fox News

A group of Upstate New York fire officials on Monday ordered a department to stop flying American flags from its trucks, calling the patriotic display a “liability” and a possible “distraction.”

Firefighters from the Arlington Fire District in the town of Poughkeepsie removed the flags from three trucks during a ceremony Tuesday, The Poughkeepsie Journal reported.

“If we had to take them down, they had to be taken down the right way,” Union President Joseph Tarquinio told The Journal. “At the time when the country needs unity, to do something like this … it’s next to flag-burning in my mind.”


Morons, the country is filled with morons.


Morons…NO, not at all. First, Unions are about as far left as you can go until your cross the line into a full communist govt, which at that time the unions go away. The whole union outlook is based upon thuggery.

This is just a part of a growing movement in the US to remove flags that have any attachment to history or conservative issues. The Confederate Battle flag is not banned and in fact is a FEDERAL crime to display on your home or car. The Gadsden Flag (Don’t Tread on Me) is next in line and the America Flag has been attacked since the 60’s and new battle cry of BLM is now surfacing…the flag of “old white men where were slave owners”. If the flag goes, so does the Constitution (as we know it). Even when I was in college there was a drum beat for a “LIVING” Constitution that would change with the times and of course the Govt could change it and not need the approval of the people. This is were we are going with a Hitlery win which will also usher in Phase 2 of the communist take over, Obama brought us phase 1, phase 2 begins the consolidation phase.