US Foreign Military sales top 65 billion~ Is this a good idea?????


This year’s record-breaking figures are driven not by developing-world clients, however, but by extraordinary sales to Saudi Arabia – $29.4 billion for Boeing F-15s – and Japan – $10 billion for Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. Those deals may well represent trends, not flukes, given rising anxiety among the oil-rich Gulf States over the Iranians and anxiety across East Asia over the Chinese. However, Genaille told reporters after his public remarks here that he expected sales to settle back down next year to the more usual range of $32 billion to $35 billion annually.

While manned fighters dominate today’s foreign sales, it is unmanned aircraft that could be a big growth area for the future. It’s an area where the US industry enjoys a commanding advantage, thanks to the massive expansion of the American military’s drone fleet since 9/11. Just today, Radio Australia reported that Australia was reviving its plan to buy seven long-range Broad-Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) drones.

US Foreign Military Sales Top $65 Billion


Japan is chill. Saudi Arabia on the other hand can kindly F off. They’re not our allies any more than China or Pakistan


Don’t forget the 20 F16 & 200 Abrams Tanks Obama is GIVING (your tax dollars) to Egypt (the Muslim Brotherhood)
Obama is the enemey within!


I’m fine with selling weapons to our allies and only are allies. Israel is the only ally we have in the middle east. I do not think that any single other middle eastern country should be able to buy our technology. Its kinda odd that a country that really doesn’t have a standing military anymore is wanting to buy fighters. But I guess it may make some sense with NK ramping up their ridiculousness.