US linked to new wave of censorship, surveillance on web


The U.S. government asked Google for data on its users more than 31,000 times in 2012 alone, for example. And the government rarely obtained a search warrant first, Google recently revealed; in nearly all cases, the company ended up turning over at least some data.

Some argue that heightened surveillance, restrictions on Internet freedom and even censorship are necessary to protect intellectual property rights, prevent cyberespionage, fight child pornography, and protect national interests such as nuclear power plants from hackers. And here the U.S. is far from alone.

Big Brother? US linked to new wave of censorship, surveillance on web | Fox News


Read this, this morning. Once again Big Brother is at it. Whats worse it is that republican are actually going along with this crap. Public(and private) backlash stopped it last time but I do not know this time around.


How exactly is this big brother? Google voluntarily gave the info to the govt we should be getting mad at Google for doing that


Or both.


Well we dont know exactly what the request were but its all on Google, the govt is just acting as the mouse and Google keeps giving them the cookie