US Marine Arrested for Indecency with Dogs


US Marine Arrested for Indecency with Dogs

7 December 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Apparently, he thought the repeal of DADT meant he didn’t have to live a lie, and wouldn’t be punished just for loving someone…er, something…whatever. Though he hasn’t yet been put on trial, much less convicted, the Marines saidThe actions of Staff Sgt. [Marc David] Harpel are contrary to the high standards of personal conduct and performance expected of Marines and will not be tolerated.

Ironically, the UCMJ prohibition on bestiality was almost repealed last year, along with the ban on homosexuality.

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**How intolerant! This guy is being judged while risking his life to save ours?! If he can do the job he should be left alone! I don’t see how his personal lifestyle choices would affect his job performance. Intolerance for a Marine’s lifestyle choice of bestiality reminds me of the same bigotry responsible for segregating the troops based on skin color. What consensually goes on between man and man’s best friend is not the business of the chain of command.


Bestiality is DEVIANT behavior and the govt has stated that DEVIANT behavior is socially acceptable, I see NO difference between classes of deviant behavior, to do so would constitute racism…

You cannot just open the door a little bit and let in SOME deviant behavior and say the rest of unacceptable. Bestiality has been around for 1000’s of years with a wide variety of animals.

I suspect that the courts will address this at sometime just as they have homosexuality and I fully expect the same results…