US pledges $10.6B aid for Central America, southern Mexico


They get our money, we get their people.:roll_eyes:


I actually have no objection to this EXCEPT: Where’s our damn wall?

I can’t understand why the President sounded so adamant about shutting down the government and now has seemingly dropped it. Maybe he will actually use discretionary military funds. That will bring about many bogus lawsuits and injunctions: environmental, posse comitatus and Lord knows what else.


I strenuously object. We can spend $10 Billion+ for security enhancements south of our border, but we can’t get even $5 billion for the wall at our border. BS

One other point. The pitiful fencing we currently have along various stretches along our southern border - you know, the one like illegals sit on top of near San Ysidro, Ca. - looks like it was built using rusted car bodies from junk yards.

The voters keep electing the likes of Paul Ryan and Chuck Schumer and then wonder why things are so screwed up.

The “Wall”? Forget it - no way the border will be secured in our lifetime. Why? Because too few politicians are interested in doing anything about real border security. As we have seen, Congress is disinterested. Trump simply can’t get the support needed for the wall regardless what compromises he offers.

Tip: Whenever you hear a politico talking border security in the same breath as talking electronic measures and drones as the preferred means of securing the border you can safely assume they don’t give a damn about securing the border.


Agree 100%. Compromises won’t work. What WILL work is for the President to veto their continuing resolution, get on AF-1, go golfing at Mar-a-Lago, put out a tweet telling Congress to go pound sand until they pony up the cash. The country will cheer and, if the establishment tries some sort of accelerated impeachment over this, the peasants with pitchforks will descend on Washington in numbers that will dwarf the Bonus Expeditionary Force of 1932.


The wall should have been approved over the last two years. Now it is too late. Paul Ryan deserves a lot of the blame for this. He has been in the hip pocket of those Republicans who want open borders so that they can get cheap labor. I hope that Paul Ryan is finished politically.

Those Republicans don’t care about the consequences of their policies. They only look at the short term, and if the truth be known, they aren’t that concerned if the Democrats take over the political system. They figure they will be able to buy the privileges they want from crooked politicians like Hillary Clinton. They don’t see any real dangers the “true believer” socialist Democrats who are taking over more and more of the party.

As for the $10 billion to South America, that’s just money down a rat hole. It will never get to people it is supposed to help. Their situation will not change, and they will continue come here to get on welfare and live on the dole.


As is ALWAYS the case, to Democrats, “compromise” means “Do it OUR way or hit the bricks,” and the GOP always caves. The President SHOULD veto ANYTHING–including this “CR”–that doesn’t also provide funding for the wall…PERIOD! If he doesn’t, he can kiss a second term goodbye.

How about this? Give the governments the money, but ONLY if they agree to establish a welfare system precisely like ours with it and 100% of it goes for that purpose including the provision that it be “means-tested” so none of it goes to the oligarchs or their other political buddies.


As far as I know, the Congress hasn’t even come up with a final version of this CR. The President hasn’t come out and promised to sign anything they pass. Maybe there is still a chance for a veto and the democrats are counting their chickens too early. ESPN (that’s the Establishment Propaganda Network) is only too eager to cheerlead the democrat happy dance. The President MUST know how important this is to our future and his.

Maybe I’m dreaming but I still have some hope.


I don’t think the Democrat-Socialist “true believers” will prevail. Their numbers are probably over-rated by excess media coverage. The “mainstream” democrats may end up treating the Socialists the same way the RINOs treated the Tea Party … lots of insincere lip service to keep them on the reservation.


Probably unlikely, OD. Most Democrats that I know sincerely believe that the Socialist-Democrats ARE their party’s future. If you stop and think about it, the Democrats have ALWAYS–at least since the 60’s–been about “free stuff.” Offering it is what attracted minorities to their ranks. Martin Luther King, Sr. was a life-long REPUBLICAN, as was James Meredith of “Old Miss” fame. Meredith, in fact, was a legislative aide to a Republican Senator for much of his professional career. MLK, Jr. would be a pariah in the Democrat Party of today, as would be JFK and CERTAINLY Harry S. Truman.


The most influential people in the Democrat Party are socialists. It begins with the college professors and school teachers who indoctrinate the young. The main news media leaders believe in socialism for “the common people” and capitalism for themselves. Obama Care was a stepping stone to “single payer” socialized medicine. The whole climate change thing is nothing but a way to impose almost complete control over the economy. The globalist movement is a commitment to a world-wide government with no checks and balances on it.

The “Zell Miller” Democrats are all gone. The “moderates” are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer. The young Democrats are socialists and the future of the party.


I don’t know. They put the likes of Schumer and Pelosi in charge of their party in the Senate and House.


Which is a good thing.

You don’t help native labor by protecting it from cheaper forms; you do what Germany does. You train your natives to have skills poor people in another nations can’t easily copy. Become value-added.

Then they create or go work for industry-disrupting businesses that sell tools and items that set the bar for what those industries do.

BTW; The German unemployment rate:

It’s pretty miraculous. It’s been in a steady decline since 2009.