US Press Blames George W. Bush for Obama's Unprecedented Eavesdropping


RUSH: Have you seen the big news according to the mainstream press? What do you think the big news is in the mainstream press? No, it’s not Verizon. This Verizon story, which we’re gonna get into, by the way, folks, sit tight. I can’t do it all in the opening monologue. This Verizon story – and I don’t think it’s just Verizon. I think that’s just what we know. But it’s broken by the UK Guardian.

**The American media hasn’t broken a single Obama scandal. **The American media hasn’t taken the lead on any of the four major Obama scandals. They’re just playing follow the leader.

US Press Blames George W. Bush for Obama’s Unprecedented Eavesdropping - The Rush Limbaugh Show
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