US Supreme Court to decide 'battle of the toilets'


The US Supreme Court said Friday that it will decide which bathrooms should be used by transgender people, a highly sensitive question with national political resonance.
The case involves 17-year-old Gavin Grimm, who was born a female but identifies as a male. Grimm filed suit to be allowed to use the boys’ bathroom at his high school in Gloucester County, Virginia.
Arguments in the politically charged question will be heard between now and late June, making it easily one of the highest-profile cases set for the court’s current term.
The Obama administration has said public schools should grant access to toilets and locker rooms based on the gender with which a student identifies, not the birth gender.

One can only hope that even the leftist’s judges see the sense of not allowing people who are not their biological sex go into other bathrooms if nothing more for the safety of women and children from predators who claim to be transgenders.

So far several cases have popped up where these predators have been found using that excuse to assault women and children.


who was born a female but identifies as a male.
I was born poor but I identify as someone rich. Think that I should take it to the supreme court? (wink)


I’m not hopeful; I have to wonder if there wasn’t a decision to hear this case because it was a female wanting into male facilities instead of the other way around. If they rule in her favor, it won’t be as outrageous to the public as ruling in favor of a male-seeking-access-to-female-facilities case. This case may have been the one selected to be heard for just that reason.


Just switch to single occupancy bathrooms. That why you can avoid the legal snafu and media attention in case something happens.

Fruitcakes are always seeking attention and it is a sad day when the majority are terrorized by the minority.


As someone said some time ago, Obama is pushing this because he knows he can get away with it. He’s looking for ways to cause outrage and embarrassment for those who don’t agree with him. January 20 can’t get here soon enough.

Of course “the old cow” will probably give Obama his wish and appoint him to the Supreme Court. Former president William Howard Taft managed that, but he was a qualified judge, who truly loved the judiciary. He was a highly successful Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Obama is a community organizer and agitator who got an affirmative action degree from Harvard.


I think we will see a mandatory THIRD bathroom for all public places.

When the government first mandated “wheelchair ramps” be cut in sidewalks, someone complained they were not constructed properly and five years later each and every one was replaced. :Thud:


Let’s address FACTS:

You cannot change your DNA. Wearing a bra does not make you a woman anymore than putting lipstick on a pig makes it a runway model.

The fact is you do not have a physical issue, what you have is a MENTAL issue in since you can’t really sort out whether you are a man or woman then you are not right in the head, which is not to say you are mentally retarded or crazy, but you clearly have some issues.

You have a WANT that you are trying to convince us its a NEED. You do not get to wander into any bathroom you want and any given day.

Whether you want a bra or balls makes no difference as you were born is as you are.

IF SCOTUS decides any other than as you born is where you go, then they are basing their decision upon a WANT and at that time and with this bases then anyone anytime in any bathroom.

America is a country of laws, not made made phony rules disguised as law…


But DNA can contain both male and female chromosomes.

> The fact is you do not have a physical issue,

Hormones is a physical issue, which tend to be the things underlying all this.

Further, there are people who were literally born “in-between”.

Unisex I believe is the term for people born with both male and female body parts. Some because of their DNA, some because of their being Chimeras. Even if surgery (if its operable) alters them more firmly to one camp or the other, that doesn’t mean hormones will allow things to be that simple.


The term is Intersex:

“Intersex” is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male. For example, a person might be born appearing to be female on the outside, but having mostly male-typical anatomy on the inside. Or a person may be born with genitals that seem to be in-between the usual male and female types—for example, a girl may be born with a noticeably large clitoris, or lacking a vaginal opening, or a boy may be born with a notably small penis, or with a scrotum that is divided so that it has formed more like labia. Or a person may be born with mosaic genetics, so that some of her cells have XX chromosomes and some of them have XY.

What you said in your post is based upon real IDENTIFIABLE medical conditions. as opposed to Transgender: Transgender people are people who have a gender identity, or gender expression, that differs from their assigned sex. Transgender people are sometimes called transsexual if they desire medical assistance to transition from one sex to another. Transgender is also an umbrella term: in addition to including people whose gender identity is the opposite of their assigned sex, it may include people who are not exclusively masculine or feminine. *

Transgender is often only a period of time in which you mentally are dealing with it. The TRUTH is many of those who have various operations live with some deep regrets as some operations are not easy to undo.

Fact is Transgender as opposed to Intersex is a want and a generally a temporary condition. Intersex often requires operations to remedy the problem. Intersex is a permanent condition unless mitigated.

Again we go back to it being a want and not a need


You might have a point here. all new buildings have a mandated third washroom. As someone who identifies as a male, I might want to identify as I please in the case of an emergency; this third washroom option might not be so bad after all. If you really need to go and you are concerned that the male washroom is occupied, no problem, just head to the third as chances are it is empty. Phew, what luck!

Fortunately we don’t have this issue as yet in Canada. We seem to be getting along fine, as has America for the last few hundreds years.


17Oaks said;

> Fact is Transgender as opposed to Intersex is a want and a generally a temporary condition. Intersex often requires operations to remedy the problem. Intersex is a permanent condition unless mitigated.
> Again we go back to it being a want and not a need


You make too much sense Oaks.


**Again we go back to it being a want and not a need **
I would disagree that it’s a want, not a need. Oh not because of what it is, that isn’t important. What’s important is that the dems have something that they can point to as an accomplishment & also a new cause. They are like sharks in that they have to keep moving forward or the movement will die.


Fair enough.

> Again we go back to it being a want and not a need

Again, Transsexuals are usually suffering from hormone imbalances.

It’s a physiological phenomenon their body is giving them, and it’s one that’s hard to treat. This is physical. As it’s a case of something on their body either not being built right or malfunctioning, feeding their brain conflicting signals.


Its hard to treat because in most cases its driven by a want. In the gay community you have generally 2 kinds, those who are ‘wired wrong’ and those who make a choice to enter into gay lifestyle. They often come in and out of the lifestyle and even sometimes end up with a healthy man woman marriage and family. Those that appear to be ‘hard wired’ are gay for life, they have no interest in the opposite sex at all.

As for transgender this runs a bit different. There simply are folks who enjoy dressing up as the other sex, but as far as their sexual choice its the opposite sex. For them its a ‘role play’ thing. Then you have those that truly want to be the opposite sex and that is their lifestyle and they will spare no expense to achieve that goal. But for most it is only a game in their own mind. It is these that are the ‘switch-hitters’ that are DRIVEN to use the bathroom of their choice and its these that all should be worried about…they do not belong there under any circumstances.

A true transgender would never be spotted or mistaken for their real sex, and they use the bathroom without any issue as it the world in which they happily live…


I’m not so sure. I think there may be a calculated move to force acceptance of self-identified transexuals in one of the two bathrooms simply to demoralize the public.

None of which has anything to do with the political motivations for pushing this bathroom-bill nonsense.