Usda flyer: We don't check immigration status for food stamps


[A government watchdog group has discovered that the United States government is advising Spanish-speaking residents that they need not declare their immigration status to qualify for food stamps.

Judicial Watch obtained the Spanish-language flyers through a Freedom of Information Act request and announced on Thursday that the "promotion of the food stamp program, now known as ‘SNAP’ (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), includes a ]( flyer provided to the Mexican Embassy by the USDA.

USDA Flyer: We Don’t Check Immigration Status for Food Stamps

With so many Americans on food stamps and a government pushing to have millions of others enter the country and legalizes them, those Americans with jobs will suffer even more by paying. The fact is Obama wants to tax from the ground up covering all Americans.


In addition to the outrage of one more way in which the government is refusing to enforce the law, it’s pathetic that the ones exposing this government malfeasance are a non-profit and a New Media outlet. Where are the vaunted, “legitimate” MSM? Snoozing? Or covering up by refusing to cover the story?


Why would One care who the government gives stolen money to? It is wrong to steal money in the first place it matters not what imaginary line drawn in the sand one is born on.