Use clean energy and get a pollution free environment.


Do you have better home insulations? If not you need to have them and will have to use electricity instead of fossil fuels, to reduce indoor pollution. This is extremely helpful in countries like India, with low-income.

The case studies conducted by researchers say that these measures could turn away 5,500 premature deaths and decrease carbon dioxide emission by about 41 million tonnes, per year.

The pollution caused by indoor household fuels can be removed by avoiding household fossil fuels and using electricity instead. Here energy can be saved by reducing the thermostat temperature.

The research paper with these details was published in ‘The Lancet Series on Health and Climate Change’.

The research team was led by ‘Paul Wilkinson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’, the researchers say that preferring such energy efficient options can help in the saving of fossil fuels to a considerable extent.

They have also analyzed the benefits of using cleaner cooking stoves in countries like India with low-income, where people burn of biomass for cooking. This results in many lung and heart diseases.

On installing 150 million household cooking stoves, about 87 percent of Indian households will have a much cleaner combustion and air. This can also avoid pre-mature deaths due to acute respiratory infections, and adult deaths due to ischemic heart problems and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

It’s also said that lower carbon-based electricity generation has significant health benefits, mainly in certain countries like India and China.

You can read more about such research findings online if you conduct a web search for the keyword ‘***News Energy***’.




I am a strong supporter of “dirty energy”.

Studies have shown that dirty energy strengthens the ability of all creatures immune systems and leads to a better, healthier life.

We should all heat our homes with burning buckets of coal placed strategically in the middle of each room while all the windows are left open to maximize the effect and preserve good health for all those who share the environment with us but cannot speak.

A good idea like leaving all your cars running between trips to save time in starting them up can also help to preserve the health and prosperity of all.

And don’t forget to mow your lawn every day! No sense in letting things get ugly when the earth needs saving!

If we all work together we can ramp up our consumption of fossil fuels to a level that will make the entire planet more healthy and prosperous!

Or at the very least we can inundate Spam threads with equally pointless blabber.


In honor of this post I’m going to toss 4 extra tires on the burn pile today.


Gosh, isn’t that electricity the OP recommends the use of generated by coal-fired power plants?


I love my burn pile. It save me trips to the landfill.


I only live a few hundred miles from the massive coal mines in Wyoming, I support burning coal because it is cheap and it doesn’t even cause very much pollution at all. It is the sulfuric coal from the east that makes acid rain and even that can be scrubbed when you burn it.

You go ahead and use “clean” energy and we will just use coal and we will see who has the most productive economy.

Unfortunately, burning coal or building coal power plants is probably illegal in the US, and therefore, China will continue to be more productive and eventually overtake the US due to the government’s complete stupidity.


Put a little kerosene on them for good measure


Did anyone stop to think, that with “clean energy” ie: solar and wind farms; this takes that much more land out of food production and therefore sends more of our consumables to be imported from other countries. and the wasted land becomes even more non productive because organics are not being replaced and therefore the soil is not replenished.
When are the people going to be PROPERLY educated regarding LEED and " clean energy" scams?


I used to ride dirt bikes in California out in Yucaipa and other desert areas. Under those big windmills,you’ll see dozens of dead birds. We gain energy, but lose wildlife.


How do you think I prime my burn pile?


[quote=“Conservative_Libertarian, post:11, topic:28670”]
How do you think I prime my burn pile?
[/quote]Well you could throw a few enviromemtalist’s “logs” on the pile.:banana:


Don’t forget the used motor oil, it really helps get the tires going!


[quote=“RET423, post:13, topic:28670”]
Don’t forget the used motor oil, it really helps get the tires going!
[/quote]Works for me


It smells good too.


Yeah, I like the smell of diesel exhaust as well.
It smells like money being made.