Useful idiots rally in Boston against “conservative” speech


See: Boston “free speech” rally ends after counter-protesters take to streets – live updates

Aug 19, 2017

”BOSTON – Thousands of demonstrators chanting anti-Nazi slogans converged Saturday on downtown Boston, dwarfing a small group of conservatives who cut short their “free speech rally” in a boisterous repudiation of white nationalism a week after racially tinged bloodshed in Virginia.”

It is absolutely depressing how tens of thousands of people can be manipulated into demonstrating against a “free speech rally”. But heck, this has become a common place thing on college campuses across the United States and has been orchestrated by a small hate America crowd whose bible is Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” ___ the rules of which Obama has been applying ever since he was a “community organizer”.

Make no mistake, the handful of organizers behind the Boston rally against “free speech” are far less concerned about the three or four thousand people across America who worship Hitler and embrace white racism than they are about conservative thought and principles. The organizers behind the Boston protest have an agenda to shut down any speech which reflects conservative thought and principles. And the reason why their mission is to shut down conservative speech and portray it as evil wherever it is found is because they can’t successfully debate against the principles behind conservative thought which is a threat to their main objective to impose an iron fisted socialist state in America, with them at the helm distributing “free government cheese”.

Unfortunately, as we have seen today, America is filled with useful idiots who are easily manipulated into shutting down “conservative” speech. And the breeding ground creating these useful idiots is our college campuses where attacks on “conservative speech” have been felt by such notable individuals as Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, David Horowitz, Heather MacDonald, Charles Murray, Corey Lewandowski, Milo Yiannopoulos, and even Condoleezza Rice, to name a few.

I’ll bet if Saul Alinsky were alive today, he and Barack Hussein Obama would be on the phone congratulating each other on the ease with which conservative [anti socialist] speech can now be attacked and shut down.


The unavoidable truth is, the Bernie Sanders’ plan for “free” college tuition will be paid for by taxing millions of college graduates who worked their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs. ***



It’s absolutely amazing that a self-proclaimed communist can speak at a university without violent protests. But when “conservative” speakers are invited by College Republicans, they are protested against and shouted down by our useful idiots who have been brainwashed college professors.

In any event see: Angela Davis Proclaims She’s a ‘Lifelong Communist,’ Audience Erupts in Applause

May 31, 2016

*** “I have always been a communist,” said radical progressive activist Angela Davis, proudly declaring her allegiance to the radical Left during her remarks at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) last Wednesday night.

The audience, comprised of students and community members, reacted to this statement by erupting into rapturous applause.

This is the reality on our nation’s college campuses.

The forum was sponsored by CSULA’s Pan-African Studies Department, Department of Television, Film and Media, and Cross Cultural Center. In her introduction, Davis praised Pan-African studies for being, “the intellectual arm of the revolution.” Her remarks touched on everything from her dissatisfaction with the addition of Harriet Tubman to the $20 bill, to prisons, to Palestine.”***


They are neither “liberals” nor “progressives”. They are conniving Marxist parasites who use government force to steal and then enjoy the property which labor, business and investors have worked to create.


Here is an example of useful idiots shutting down conservative speech.

See: A Violent Attack on Free Speech at Middlebury

Mar 6, 2017

”This year, the AEI Club invited Dr. Charles Murray to speak. That’s crucial to understanding what followed. When leftists protest right-wing speakers on campus, they often deny that they are infringing upon free speech. Free speech, they insist, does not require their university to give a platform to people with offensive views. That was the argument of the people who earlier this year tried to prevent ex-Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking at the University of California at Berkeley. And it was the argument of those who opposed Murray’s lecture at Middlebury. “This is not an issue of freedom of speech,” declared a letter signed by more than 450 Middlebury alums. “Why has such a person been granted a platform at Middlebury?”

This is what our socialist indoctrinated useful idiots do on college campuses.


The unavoidable truth is, the Bernie Sanders’ plan for “free” college tuition will be paid for by taxing millions of college graduates who worked their own way through college and are now trying to finance their own economic needs. ***


See: After Ann Coulter Speech Cancellation, Protesters Rally At Berkeley

April 27, 2017

***”Competing demonstrations in support of and against conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s controversial speech, which had been planned for Thursday at the University of California, Berkeley, were held amid a heavy police presence. Despite some shouting and harsh words, both groups were peaceful.

Coulter’s planned appearance had been canceled Wednesday after school officials said they wouldn’t be able to adequately secure the site and sponsors pulled out.

But even without the conservative commentator’s event, the university and the city of Berkeley had braced for dueling protests that they feared could become violent.”

***​Absolutely sickening!


***As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances there is a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air - however slight - lest we become unwitting victims of darkness.***___Supreme Court Justice William Douglas


See PayPal Bans Conservative Sites After Soros-Funded Group Attacks Them

”PayPal banned Jihad Watch and the American Freedom Defense Initiative from receiving online donations using their platform because of the site’s “activities” after being designated as “hate sites” by left-wing groups.”

It is absolutely stunning how far socialist activists and useful idiots will go in their attempt to shut down conservative speech.