Using campaign funds to pay for criminal defense?


Billionaire DJT is using campaign funds from his own re-election campaign and the RNC to pay for his and his son’s legal defense. Over $230k this month.

For a guy who turned down his salary as President (which I’d argue ended up costing taxpayers even more than if he had taken it), now he’s using the funds of donors to pay his legal fees?

Have any of you donated to the RNC or DJT’s campaign for 2020?

If so, any problem with this?

If not,

Any problem with this?


Here’s a link to a story on it:

I’m curious too. Does this bother any of Trump’s supporters?

Umm, ok, how so?


Doesn’t bother me.


Assuming he donates all of his salary (as the Consitution requires that the President be compensated, at least $1 as past presidents, like Kennedy have done) something he has rarely followed through in the past (Throughout his career, he has promised to donate about $45 million of his own money, the actual amount, while generous, is $7.8 million) technically he will cost the federal government more than his salary…So instead of taking $1, he is pledging to donate his salary, altruistic as it is, it will cost the US Treasury more than it would have then if he had just taken $1 (or the $400k to take his salary…Let me explain.

Ok, so, under his current plan to donate his salary, Trump will not only be taking the $400,000 salary, but he will also be given a tax break on the donation (again assuming he takes then donates it all)—money that would have been taxed with a portion to have gone to the U.S. Treasury. Depending on Trump’s income bracket, he will be given a tax break between $140,000 and $156,000 on the $400,000 donation. In the end, Trump’s salary will cost the Treasury between $540,000 and $556,000, making Trump the highest-costing president in U.S. History.

A minor point and not one that I personally don’t care about, but I can’t help by note the irony as Trump supporters, by and large, believe that this is a measure to lower federal spending when in fact it will cost the Treasury more. :rofl:

[EDIT] After giving it some thought, some of the donations may be considered income, so it’s possible that the number could be a little lower, but donation to the park service (as an example) wasn’t taxed and many organizations aren’t taxed for “gifts”, but it depends on where the money goes, if we’re being technical.


Doesn’t bother me. This is a political witch hunt.


BS. The salary check that he endorsed over to the Parks Service ALREADY had the taxes deducted from it. What he gave, was his AFTER TAX income.

Secondly, insofar as using campaign donations is concerned, try to remember that the witch hunt is PREDICATED on his campaign “colluding” with the Russians, so it’s entirely legal and proper to use campaign funds for this purpose.


Frankly, as much as the whole of the media lies. I doubt this is true. And Brown is looking for the minutia never mind the real facts.


I never said it was illegal, I simply asked if anyone had a problem with it.

Seems unethical to me, but I acknowledge it’s not illegal.


Neither unethical nor illegal. Trump nor any president shouldn’t be hamstrung by costs of legal protection.


Well, that’s a nihilistic point-of-view that can protect you from anything you don’t want to believe. Just call everything that opposes your ideology lies.


njc 17 - Here are the real facts…

From his FEC filing. Just read down the page and you will see expenses for legal fees. On the first page alone we see $139k…


I disagree, I don’t think donors expected to have to pay legal fees for criminal activity.

Having said that, I understand he is innocent until proven guilty, as such, personally, I’d be ok with it as long as he is exonerated, but if he did break the law and is found criminally guilty, I think he (and anyone else fund guilty that benefits from donations to cover criminal legal fees) should have to pay it back.

And I think that should only extend to the President (Vice President, not to his children.

Imagine if Trump Jr was accused of a crime, say…Securities fraud, do you think campaign donations should cover that?

Now I know that’s not what happened here, I’m just trying to see if there is a point at which spending donor money on legal fees goes too far.


CSB: Again you repeat something that has not been verified and is alleged. When do you look for facts before you post?


Sure, I saw the FEC filings before I posted, I just didn’t think this was something that anyone would dispute. I mean, even the campaign didn’t dispute it and neither did the RNC…The FEC files show, pretty clearly the disbursements from his campaign donations for legal fees.


Are you saying the people here only post things that are confirmed?


Innocent before proven guilty. You mention that later as if it shouldn’t be considered. Just wrong


How much of his own money did he use to finance his campaign? And if he doesn’t use all the donations in his campaign, is he supposed to give them back?


I’m not sure what that has to do with using donations to a political campaign to pay for lawyers to defend DJT and Don Jr?


“Innocent before proven guilty. You mention that later as if it shouldn’t be considered. Just wrong”

That’s one of the deepest and most profound moments of irony ever…

Do I presume his guilt? Sure, I believe he is guilty based on what I’ve read (it’s guilty till proven innocent in the eyes of the law), but, how many people here believe Clinton is guilty? How many Trump supporters chanted “Lock her up!” before she was given a trial? Not like they were chanting “Indict Clinton!”

Please, don’t give me the “Just wrong”, that’s laughable.

That being said, I did expressly add the “innocent until proven guilty” and agreed that his using funds to defend himself as that is what I would want if the person in question were a person I believed and supported, thus maintaining consistency despite my personal feelings.


In either Clinton or Clinton I’d still advocate for adequate representation - and for a sitting President it doesn’t bother me one bit that he’s not paying out of his own pocket.


Thanks for answering the question, and did I say that I thought, despite my personal feelings, that he doesn’t deserve adequate representation?