Vandal Keys ‘Obama’ Into 2 Cars In Alta Loma


A case of campaign vandalism is under investigation Friday in Alta Loma.
Someone keyed the word “Obama” into two cars and slashed seats in another outside a residence that had Mitt Romney campaign signs.

CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Rob Schmitt spoke to Ken Slown, owner of one of the keyed vehicles.

**Slown actually supports President Obama!
Vandal Keys ‘Obama’ Into 2 Cars In Alta Loma « CBS Los Angeles

First of all karma is a beach isn’t it. There have been many instances of attacks and vandalism from the left while we rightwingers are more grown up. Of course this will not stop the leftwingers from claiming that the actions of one of their own really is rightwing which has been disproved over and over.


The, “Everybody does it,” argument won’t work here. 1.) Much as the MSM would love being able to portray Romney supporters as thugs, I haven’t heard similar reports. 2.) These kinds of actions - and I could have posted news articles this past week about the son of a state senator who got the @#$% beat out of him when he tried to stop people from vandalizing his political sign and of a gay man who got the @#$% beat out of him for working for the Romney campaign - do not typify Obama supporters.


From the article:

CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Rob Schmitt spoke to Ken Slown, owner of one of the keyed vehicles.

Slown actually supports President Obama!

He explained to Schmitt that he and his wife — both currently unemployed — are staying with her parents and it’s her parents who support Romney.

“I don’t know if they were trying to get a point across, to vote for Obama,” said Slown, “but to do something like this is not going to get the point across.”

Hopefully Slown does some thinking on this incident.

He estimates the damage to both of his vehicles at about $3,400.

In addition to both cars being keyed, his wife’s vehicle had her seats slashed, as well. Said Slown, “They pretty much cut the backs of all of the seats.”

[sarcasm] O, now I get it! This wasn’t vandalism or political thuggery! It’s part of a job-creation program to create jobs for car body and car upholstery workers! [/sarcasm]


Didn’t this sort of garbage carry on thru the Kerry campaign, as well?


Saw a visual oxymoron while on my walk yesterday: A Toyota Prius with a Romney bumpersticker.


Oh I can beat that. I saw this at the unemployment office a few months back



If these buttheads are caught, can we tattoo Romney on their foreheads?


I actually saw two Rommey signs today that takes two Rommeys and one guy with two obama signs


Some sorry sob pos democrat vandalized my Republican yard signs last night.