Vandalism, hate crime claims from Cordova family were `fabricated`


ORANGEBURG COUNTY, SC (WIS) -Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department investigators have determined that claims of a hate crime committed against a Cordova family "had been fabricated."
Last week the family said their vehicles and home had been vandalized by two men in a pickup truck flying a Confederate and American flags. The family also said one family member received threatening text messages supposedly because she was married to a man who is from India and was assumed to be Muslim.
"The text message on Thursday was from the 'Council of Patriots,’” George Daniels described the messages to a family member. “They said she was a jihad loving [expletive] and all this stuff."
On Monday night, the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Department posted the following message on its Facebook page regarding the incident:
*The Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office has concluded that claims of a hate crime perpetrated against an individual currently residing in Orangeburg County had been fabricated.

*Investigators: Vandalism, hate crime claims from Cordova family - - Columbia, South Carolina

Another false hate crime.