Vax Rights

Dear Mr. Franklin,
King George,in association with Parliament, informs you that you and all other of HRH’s American subjects, must submit to innoculation on or before October 18 of this year or face penalties, up to and including disenfranchisement of your means of livelihood.
This VAX ACT has received the approval of His Royal Highness,
George R

Your Royal Highness,

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Your Majesty,
Nuts to you!
Boston, Mass.


Actual letter from George Washington to John Hanccock:

“Finding the smallpox to be spreading much and fearing that no precaution can prevent it from running through the whole of our army, I have determined that troops shall be inoculated … This expedient may be attended with some inconveniences and some disadvantages, but yet I trust in its consequences will have the most happy effects. Necessity not only authorizes but seems to require the measure, for should the disorder infect the army in the natural way and rage with its virulence we should have more to dread from it than from the sword of the enemy.”

  1. Smallpox has a 30% fatality rate. The ChiCom virus 1.6%.

  2. This was at a time of active war.

I support getting the vaccine, but I do not support mandatory vaccination, except for perhaps hospital workers.

This can become a slippery slope where the Democrats will start to demand vaccinations for almost everything. Don’t doubt me on this. The Democrats have shown a total distain for any sort of compromise on almost any issue. This especially true for the radical left.

NEWS FLASH: Health care workers here and around the world are out protesting mandatory vaccinations.

I sure as hell don’t want to go into the hospital and catch Covid from some hospital worker who sees a lot more sick people than I do. I’ve spent over a year and a half with no vacations, no theme park visits, no hobby club meetings, limited restaurant meals, far fewer hobby shows and almost not trips to the shopping malls to end up catching this crap from a hospital worker.

I won’t tell you what I’d like to see happen to the Communist Chinese who saw to that this disease was spread around the word. They have made life hell for millions of people and yet, the “Progressives” have judge them to be blameless.

My point, of course, is that the Founding fathers would rebel right speedily should they be forced by a “foreign power”( the Biden Circus) which is about the MOST foreign you can find, to yield to an innoculation or anything else! Marching on Concord and throwing yes ,tea,in Boston Harbor…zounds! Revolution!!!

@Gene okay it seems like they want bodily autonomy here do you think this is an opportunity to expand that in Congress? Codify a woman’s right to choose alongside their right to choose?

@Senator_forghorn do you really think the Biden Administration is a hostile foreign power? If so why hasn’t the CIA, NSA, Other Nato allies addressed this? Why is hyperbole a good way to further an argument?

@sendgop I’d like to take this moment as a progressive and say F&CK the Chinese Communist Party now yesterday and forever for every human violation in shameless self preservation they have taken. I follow Chinauncensored on Youtube it’s very anti-CCP.


Unfortunately there are a lot of people in the Democrat Party who don’t agree with you like Bernie Sanders, AOC and the Squad. For them the CCP are allies who have the ideal political system.

I admire and respect your position but what do you think of ChiCom compromised high level officials in the Biden regime starting with Joe and widespread?

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That is an excellent article, @akaOldDog. Unlike the old Soviet Union, which made mostly crappy consumer goods which no one in the West wanted, Communist China makes and sells a huge amount of consumer goods that offer lucrative returns for the business power elite. Since there is much gold to be mined from the Chinese economy, these people are reluctant to offend the Chinese and are looking for new ways to expand their returns on investment from Chinese ventures. That means that foreign policy specialists can make a ton of money in the consulting business by advising those who want to deal with China. It goes back to Lenin’s old quote about “the capitalists selling him the rope he would use to hang them.”

This is a big problem, and it might the major factor that contributes to our downfall. As much as I support capitalism, this is one of the flaws. If there is money to be made, there are many people who will look the other way and make it despite the moral, political and practical problems. It’s the reason why slavery existed for so long in The United States.

It may be hyperbole, but not radically so. Why is Biden saying things like “I’m not supposed to take questions (who gets to tell the President of the United States whether or not he takes questions?)” and having his audio feed cut off by his handlers when they’re afraid he’ll say something that will jeopardize their agenda? He’s certainly a puppet of someone.

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If you start looking at the way the FBI, the CIA and NSA are acting, it is becoming increasingly obvious that these agencies are become politicized in favor of the Democrats. The raid on Roger Stone before sunrise was a prime example. Why was it necessary to go to the home of old man, who was a Republican and Trump supporter, with guns drawn before dawn? Why was necessary to call in CNN for an exclusive to cover it? Was he a violent felon? Was he a flight risk? This was over the top behavior.

I don’t understand what Jim Comey’s motives were, but for whatever reasons, he interjected himself into the 2016 presidential race with his Hillary Clinton “news flashes.” I don’t care for Hillary Clinton, but this intrusion of a government agency into a presidential race was also over the top.

Another issue is leaks to the press. The government bureaucracy was mostly opposed to Trump. They used their position to provide a steady stream of news stories, true and untrue, to constantly keep him off balance. The level of leaks was unprecedented.

The CIA charter clearly limits its activities to foreign operations, yet it is now conducting operations here in the U.S. That is illegal. Why are there no investigations into that?

Time was government bureaucrats were limited in their involvement in political activity. Now they are up to their eyeballs in it.

Having government law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, the Justice Department and the CIA involved in politics is dangerous for our democracy. It represents the first steps toward a police state and one-party rule. I know patricians will say, “Oh they are doing this for MY PARTY. That’s good!”

You need to look beyond that. Our rights are far more important than the fortunes of one political party.

I see what you’re getting at, and I could probably be convinced to trade those points for the sake of pragmatism if it became an option. However, they’re not the same issue. One hinges on when a fetus becomes a citizen and the other on to what level you have a responsibility to strangers in your country.

Obviously we don’t have the technology for this yet, but I would be more supportive of choice on vaccine if we could track exactly who infected a person and hold them liable for damages if they didn’t take adequate protections (vaccination). My guess is that if we did that, people would be vaccinated voluntarily in no time.

So I read this OP ed written by the Clearmont folk who In 2021, Claremont senior fellow Glenn Ellmers wrote a controversial essay in Claremont’s The American Mind arguing that the United States had been destroyed by internal enemies and that "Most people living in the United States today — certainly more than half — are not Americans in any meaningful sense of the term. The Clearmont institute openly embraces racism as a solution to what it sees as un-Americans living in America Ie anyone not for Trump So I’m not going to give this think tank a drop of honestly. Much bigger sources would have a lead on Biden’s supposed China ties. I think we have become to reliant on china. I think many of you saw the Russia Smear job on Puntin and said lets do that but china. I doubt AOC, Rashida Talib, or Sanders have actual CCP sympathies. Thats like me saying rural Texans who favor guns and faith are like the Taliban its hyperbole it gets us nowhere.

You say Our rights are important I’m on record standing up for you not having to wear a mask or take a shot, but when a woman wants to choose, or someone uses drugs ya know Nixons full on drug war. My God I hate drugs I have a cousin who is addicted to Herion breaks my heart I meet him once a month in a park to see if he’s still alive bring him some clean clothes and talk to him about a sober house. Guess what that’s a destructive choice but were not free if we can’t make it. It’s almost as destructive as the choice my step mother took in not getting the vaccine she lost a lot of left leg function to covid. I preach and preach and preach but people are gonna make bad choices my bad choice is mt dew and Pringles yeah Its not polarizing its still a bad choice. I’m 34 I’m too old too make that many bad choices,

@fantasy_chaser yeah hes a puppet of K Street Money they all are donations are bilberry in any other country. Saying he’s compromised by china is like me saying there are 50 genders its a non starter and you should know it. I wanted to be pragmatic and uniting, hyperbole isn’t going to fix this division.