Vax Rights

History repeating itself.

@csbrown We didn’t have Qanon back in 1861 ok, and don’t you think we could use a little darwinism right now with how toxic stuff is out there less people may be better? Trust me you go door to door to innoculate them your gonna taste lead its not worth it saving the brainwashed. We should work with what we can. These are sincerely held stupid beliefs and damn it they have the right to that. I vape its stupid as hell to do but it got me off the actual smokes and they wanna toy with that. I can’t see how you can’t see them not vaxxing is so malthusian and plays right into a counterbalancing that brings about prosperity.

No, the point is that there are always people that have deep-seeded mistrust of organizations and professions like the Government and “doctors”.

Anyone who puts forth the “cull the meek” argument needs to be willing to be the first in line to make room for the rest of us, otherwise it’s a policy that descriminates against those that cannot afford or get access to cures. Ironically, it will be really interesting to find out that in this time of post vaccine availability, the political lean and economic demographic of people dying today of COVID. I’ll predict right now, that it will be mostly poor people who lean hard right.

For me, I think people should be encouraged to get vaccinations. I’m ok with businesses and organizations choosing to require them and for local school districts to require them with a testing alternitive.

I’m not in support of using OSHA as a backdoor to force people or lose their jobs with the exception of people who work in healthcare who are exposed regularly. With that (and similar) exceptions IMO wrong to roll out cart blanch…I’m not in support of it and I think it’s a huge mistake.

The “I have the right to do the wrong thing” argument?

I think that’s a little to cliche for me. It really depends on how actions affect others, that said, changing the culture though information and positive messages is the best way to achieve the goals of limiting “bad behaviors”. Teaching people like children may accomplish a short term goal, but can create more problems than it solves.

@csbrown28 I could die anyday just like you, and saying people can’t afford it they don’t want it the “poor leaning hard right” here will tell you they don’t want it. Yeah I want my healthcare workers vaccinated to the rest can make their choice ok. I don’t want my doctor nuppin off midway through my physical either. Just let them choose, yeah you don’t like darwinism but you can’t stop it that bleeding heart crap is gonna lead you to be even more cynical than me.

And quietly watching from the sidelines,the Senator poses a related issue:
I have been vaccinated. I was given no option. EXCEPT the choice of vaccine. My local hospital and MEDICAL MAFIA use a 2 shot exclusively. The local pharmacies also stock and stick the 2 shot. I had to research, actually visit two drug stores before I found one that stocked the J&J single dose vaccine. Being suspicious by nature and the present administration being who they are, a number of questions come to mind:
Is there collusion here?
I am close to several bright physicians who claim the vaccines are safe and equally efficacious. Then why the obvious push to a two dose system?
The shots are supplied free of charge…paid for by BIG GOVERNMENT with no one making money except their old crony, BIG PHARMA.
Let’s see where we are at:
Big Gov ,in the interest of Americans, pays for a FREE shot, giving REAL MONEY for the shot to BIG PHARMA, with the vultures scheming for more profits by doing a quick SHELL GAME ànd doing J&J dirty???
But who cares? They only have our WELFARE at :heart:, hahaha!
There’s gold in them there pills!

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That’s the bottom line. Covid-19 is almost extinct, the Delta has taken over. So now we have them pushing last year’s flu shot for this year’s flu. Propaganda campaign against the effective Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. It’s all about the Benjamins and working towards the Social Credit System for total herd control.

I did a lot of searching and got the J&J, traditional vaccine technology. The mRNA hasn’t been around long enough to know all it’s implications. Went to Juarez a few weeks ago and stocked up on Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, my wife’s prescription drugs and a broad assortment of antibiotics.

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Citizen or legal green card holder: You must get the vaccine or else.

Illegal alien or Afghan refugee: Go in peace wherever you will.

No one should be forced to get the Vaxx but all new immigrants from the Muslim world should watch 4 hours of homosexual intercourse so they can shed their medieval ways and embrace American exceptionalism /Sarcasam