Vegan Insanity in Canada, coming here soon


Vegans argue they’re a ‘creed’ under Ontario human rights law**
New definition opens door to protections for people opposed to eating meat or wearing leather

"…“I wouldn’t call it an epidemic, but I do hear cases regularly of people who feel they have faced discrimination for their beliefs about animals,” she said.
Animal Justice believes the updates could assist vegans in cases where students refuse to dissect animals, wear a work uniform with an animal-based component such as a leather belt or even ensure vegans aren’t excluded at work events held at steakhouses.

“This is a really big step forward for human rights in Ontario,” said Labchuk. “It protects people like ethical vegans for whom not doing harm is more important than anything.”
Ethical veganism refers to people who not only follow a vegan diet but also extend the philosophy to the rest of their life and oppose harming animals or using any animal by-products.

But some critics say ethical vegans may have bitten off more than they can chew…(SNIP)

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MY COMMENT: When Vegansim becomes a “creed” lawsuits will come saying an employer cannot make them wear leather if that is part of a uniform or safety garment, can’t make them haul meat if they are a truck driver, and so on.


Vegans are ALL morons. Human beings are OMNIVORES. We REQUIRE in our diets amino acids and proteins that are ONLY derived from meat, fish, eggs and milk. Even vegans know this, which is why they all must take supplements to replace those amino acids and proteins missing from their vegan diets in order to maintain proper dietary health. If they don’t, their bone density, for example, deteriorates to the point where a simple slip and fall can result in disaster. You can deny nature for only so long before it comes back and bites you in the butt–which vegans would no doubt see as a “violation of their principles.”


Veganism is a radical form of vegetarianism. I was a vegetarian for a few years back and even now, I eat mostly fish and chicken. Occasionally, when on sale, I will have some beef or pork. I don’t know how vegans can stand all the nonsense they have to go through in order to meet their daily nutritional needs. They won’t even eat honey!


I was a vegetarian in the '80s before it became popular; I gave it up around the time it started becoming popular…


I eat meat. I am a carnivorian, eating plant matter only when the wife insists that I must. But I must protest all the wanton destruction of vegetation to serve human appetites. It’s not right. It’s not fair to non-violent plants, which never harm anyone. A chicken or cow has it coming. They can be quite violent and thus forfeit the right to life that can only be justified by their own peaceful ethics…



Remember Euell Gibbons? “Ever eat a pine tree? Many parts are edible.”

God that was eons ago.


Not sure why this is a problem. We already make religious exceptions, for all religions. Since we recognize all religions equally, that fundamentally makes it a personally held belief as many of these religions directly contradict other ones.


I seem to recall the name, but I can’t place it.


Veganism is not a religion. It is a lifestyle.


[quote=“ClassicalTeacher, post:9, topic:48236”]
Veganism is not a religion. It is a lifestyle.
[/quote]It is also a moral.
As I just said, when you recognize all religions(including contradicting ones), you have boiled them down to “strongly held moral beliefs”.
Thus, Veganism qualifies.


That’s ridiculous. Eating meat or not eating meat is neither moral nor immoral.


That’s your opinion.

As to the original post, a creed is defined as “a set of beliefs or aims that guide someone’s actions”. By that definition, Veganism is most certainly a creed.


That’s like saying the earth orbits the sun is my opinion. No, its a fact.

Right. And if someone believes that Heaven is full of spaghetti with a meatball center and that God is really Chef Boy Ardee, well that’s their God-given right to believe that. And they would also be an idiot and moron.


Sorry, CT, but veganism IS a religion. Ask ANY vegan why they ARE a vegan and they’ll tell you it’s because they BELIEVE it to be immoral to exploit other animals for food and clothing. It’s a system of BELIEFS–which makes it a religion.


So out of thin air anybody can concoct any belief set they want to and it has to be respected as a religion? Not on my street.


He died of - I think - malnutrition.


Who said anything about “respect?” I don’t “respect” Islam either, but does that make it NOT a religion?


There is a religion in India - possibly an off-shoot of Hinduism - who don’t even believe in killing plants. They live by begging, and justify eating the vegetation they are given, by saying it was already dead, so they aren’t killing anything.


LOL. He died in 1975 of an aortic aneurism…probably as a result of eating all those Grape Nuts!


I eat meat. I’d eat people if I was hungry enough. That would take a while for me to get to that point though, considering I hunt and fish.