Veterans Day and how to act


Its Veterans Day and many of you would like to do something:

  1. NOTHING is expected from older vets, cannot say for the youngers, but think they are like us, except we got NOTHING when we came back.
  2. Remember what many of us have been thru: I and a plane full stepped off that plane in '68, they were they to greet us, they came up to us as we were walking thru the airport in SEATAC. When they got to just about arms length they began the spitting, cursing and the rest of the BS. for us Vietnam vets we endured this as recent as the late 90’s. We were walking off company premises by armed guards because we were a vet. We had to endure Cat-1 drug tests for a job when others got hired on the spot. We went extensive background checks and then when we did not come up on a rap sheet, were asked in the interview if we had ever robbed, raped, had drinking or drug issues from Vietnam. Most like me have never done a illegal drug of any kind in our lives nor had we robbed a 7-11 store.

Many of us turned to the VFW as a place to go and when we stood up and gave our name, rank, branch of service and said we were a Vietnam vet were were also asked to leave the building, “don’t want no hopped up Vietnam vets here”

  1. Many still despise the vet in fact there are plenty on here and I damn near am ready to list your names…YES I know who you are, you don’t listen to folks talk about you Vietnam vets for over 40 years and not be able to see thru you like a windshield on a car, you can’t fool me, you are too stupid and you are a CHUCKIN LibTard and you know who you are. I know if I list your names the Mods will delete, so I won’t put that burden on them. BEST thing you can do is slime back into your worm hole and hope the hell you don’t come across some old grizzed disabled vet like me.

  2. For the rest of you: A simple heartfelt thank you SOLDIER is ALL that is needed, if you are a non combat vet or a combat vet then a SALUTE rendered says it all.

If you are really feeling it, I drink my coffee black. If chose to buy me dinner then don’t be surprised when I tear up and hug you, but remember we don’t expect anything just a thank you SOLDIER and mean it is more than enough, its more than most of us ever had…

You need to know It was OUR PRIVELEDGE to serve YOU and our country, we did the best job for you we could, if you have a problem with it, then VOTE.

Thank you and you are welcome…[LEFT][/LEFT]


I would normally fly my flag today but it is so windy that I am afraid it will break off the bracket. I have been thinking of putting up a flag staff like my neighbor and friend.

I remember being called a baby killer although I was never in the service. This was after the incident with Lt. Kelly. Veterans were viewed with scorn and I believe it was Tom Selleck with played the lead on Magnum, P.I. this was the first ex-soldiers were portrayed more favorably.

As everyone should know by now I hate phony soldiers who claim such because they think it gives them some credibility.


Thank you one and all for your service and sacrifice, it is the effort of the great men and women of the U.S. Military that enable us to endure. Each time I look into the face of my children and grandchild I can have hope that one day their Liberty that was purchased by the blood of a soldier will be used to destroy the tyranny that has been placed upon their heads by Propagandists at home.

The American soldiers have done their job, we are still free to choose our course.
It is time for Conservatives to do our job and win the hearts and minds of the American electorate.