Vice President Pence's former Homeland Security Advisor and lead COVID Task Force staffer AGAINST TRUMP

Olivia Troye - a lifelong Republican and former advisor to the VP - voted for Bush, McCain and Trump, she won’t vote for Trump again - she’ll vote for Biden in 2020.

“Disgusting people” comment by Trump was likely a joke, but why even make that joke?

Obviously Deep State® :rofl:

This just in;
Every decent person in America is disgusted by the democrats and their criminal candidate!

I don’t see the point in avoiding specific debate about any candidates ideas and accomplishments in lieu of digging around for who endorses who; I can assure you that I don’t care what Olivia Troye thinks about anything :rofl:

I choose my candidates, I do not surrender my mind to anyone on such decisions; especially people who are anonymous until they say something that the Left considers a benefit to them.

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