Victims Outraged as Feds Refuse to Call Fort Hood Attack Terrorism


Victims of the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood in Texas that killed 13 people and wounded dozens more are outraged that the U.S. government refuses to classify it as an act of terrorism.

About 160 victims and their families released a video on Thursday describing the shooting — in which Army Maj. Nidal Hasan allegedly opened fire on a room full of soldiers — and arguing why it should be classified as a terrorist attack.

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I was reading that a judge is allowing this guy to be forcibly shaved so he can stand trail. Obama has made it a mockery with bringing this guy to justice.

Now people should see why trying terrorists in criminal court is nonsense. In Illinois the federal government has bought a prison and they claim they will not try to shift terrorists to it, but does anyone believe Obama any more?


On my phone and it doesn’t want to load the site.

Are they wanted classified as such because Hasan is a Muslim or was this man legitly supported by a terrorist faction?


The Major was a legit terrorist, had ties to terrorism which were identified on his personal computer and it had been noted by the chain of command for YEARS, but do to our PeeCee military no one would challenge him and take action since he was a Muslim, he got away with MURDER. Instead he continually got transfed from command to command, its how we do things like that in the military…ask me how I know…

Boss calls you in, tells you Joe Chit Ragman will be assigned to you usually for 1 year. You protest as he takes a slot and come out of your budget too, in addition he has no skill sets that are on your TDA, boss said don’t worry, only for a year and then it will be reassigned to someone else…PUT in him in a corner and ignore him he is a (gay, black, radical, has sued before, etc etc etc)… I have had to do it and know others that have. ALL minorities in the US are what is known as a “protected class of peoples”, they have “rights and privileges” we do not have, they know it and they use it like a tool to skate thru a career with nothing to do or any responsibility. You are a bigot if you write a poor efficiency report and can expect to be personally sued, you cannot correct them, you hands are tied.

One guy we gave a private office, private fone line and he came and went as he saw fit

Another guy same thing only he left every morn at 0815, returned at 3pm, stayed till 6 and left, he had a FULL TIME job as a school teacher with tenure in the school district, teach at a HIS (historically black school)

Another, same as above, only he was not a school teacher but rather ran a large construction company out of his private govt office, he built homes and apt complexes, commercial buildings…he was my next door neighbor, I knew him well, saw him all the time, toured his homes on the home tour…then one day I asked about his window sticker on his car that gave him access to Ft Monroe VA and way it was a DoD employee sticker. He laughed and said that is where I work, I am a govt employee!!!

How about a private office, with a BED in it and no fone. Yep, came to work on time every day, went to bed, woke up with his alarm, and went to a full time job, slept ALL DAY!

NOT rare, not unusal and becoming more and more common place…and they are NOT low level folks, senior level with jobs making as much as $90,000 per year

I can go on with people and knew and worked with or worked for me over my 26 years of service