Victory Garden

How many of you fine folks grow any of your own food? With the coming onslaught of financial challenges this administration will bring, I’ve found it advantageous to supplement our food supply by growing my own. I was mildly successful this past season, which is the first crop for my family in about 8 years. This season, I plan to maximize my efforts, and grow all my own produce. Those of you who would like to grow a little, but think they lack the space, there is a technique called square foot gardening. Old Schoolers?

My husband put in a little plot for me this year. I’m doing it again next year too.

What types of things do you like to grow?

i grew tomatoes…several varieties. I only put in maybe 7 tomato plants. I had more than i could use. I had 3 pepper plants and 1 banana pepper plant, 1 squash, PLENTY…1 cucumber–didn’t do very well but i know why now. It got too dry and i didn’t put enough water on it. Next year i’m incorporating part of my shrub bed closer to the house.

I used to do a lot of gardening, but between the varmints & the poor soil, it hasn’t worked too well here. I’m in the process of modifying the soil right now, and I will probably try to grow a few things next year. I don’t have the strength, though, to do it like I used to.

You might try “soaker” hoses, next time. You can bury them just under the mulch(if you use mulch)or lay them on top of the soil. takes the guesswork out of it.
I grew heirloom tomatoes. I have some seeds, and know where you can get some free, if you send them a SASE.
Good luck next year, and if you have any questions, maybe I can help.

Susanna, my Mom is quite up in years, and also has poor soil. I built her a raised bed planter that measures 4’X8’ out of 2X10s(untreated) It cost me about 18 bucks to build. They will last about 4 years, before needing replacement. If you lay cinder blocks end to end, they never need replacing and you can fill the holes in the block with soil and grow herbs.
I filled it with topsoil I bought from the County compost facility for 15 dollars. If you do a web search for “square foot gardening”, you will see a very efficient way to grow in limited space, and reduce the effort through mulching, companion planting, etc. Good Luck.

Here’s one question for you…i had these huge ground dwelling waspish looking creatures…very colorful…orange abdomen…I felt i had to fight them to get to my garden.

Mining bees, usually are wasp-like. Very effective pollinators. Essential to many fruit crops.
If you grow organically, leave them alone as they are pollinating your crops, and they are predatory upon some damaging pests, but if not organic, they can be a hindrance. Watch them carefully to see where they nest. Lowes carries a foam insecticide that not only kills the insects, but also plugs the hole in the ground to prevent escape, or rescue.

I’ll try to live with them then.

Generally, they are too busy pollen gathering to notice you. Work in the early morning, or late evening, as they are more docile and less prevalent.

We’re having a little frost. Is that what is turning one side of my banana peppers purple?

Good for you!
Have a deep freezer full of green beans, corn on the cob, and bell peppers. I regret not having frozen more squash. Tomatoes didn’t do all that well, but still have a few cans put back, and a ton of pickles that go from mild, to hot, to very hot by adding cayennes that we grew.
I had a tremendous amount of fun learning all this new stuff, and am now drying and canning pears from the tree in the kids’ yard. I can’t tell you the satisfaction one gets out of walking to the shed for more 'taters that ya grew yourself when you need some.
I hope to make a bigger and better effort next year. For one, I’m going to grow herbs, which we didn’t do this year. I won’t deny that it was work, and some days I felt overwhelmed. But when I saw the price of a can of corn in the store a week ago, it was all the evidence one needed to know it was all well worth its while.

Exactly. They’ll be history soon. This is the time to plant Greens and Lettuces. Some are frost resistant and do well way up into January.

Space isn’t the issue. We’ve got a fenced-in plot about 25’x30’ (fenced to keep the deer out).

That’s terrific. I had a little difficulty with tomatoes this year, but still had a pretty good yield.
I planted a fruit grove this year. Couple of more years and I’ll have lot’s of fresh apples(Red and Gold delicious, Rome and Fuji), pears(Moonglow and Orient), elberta peaches, pomegranates Santa Rosa plums and 3 kinds of grapes. I’m looking for strawberry crowns now and will put in blueberries, blackberries and may try raspberries, althought they can be difficult to grow.
I’m startinfg in February, this year. Here in the South, we can do a spring crop of onions, carrots, lettuce broccoli and greens, then harvest late April to May and get in the corn tomatoes squash etc. once that is donne, we revert back to the Spring varieties until December/January.
BTW, have you ever grown the White Scalloped Squash called “pattypan”? Grows similar to zuccini or yellow. Man, what a tasty treat.:biggrin:

Sounds like an ideal space. Some folks live in city surroundings and cannot do a garden that big. That should produce well.
Gotta Run. Workday is done. Til tomorrow, folks.

I’ve grown the green patty pan, but not the white. I’m not real big on squash, but that one was pretty decent.

My, what a lot of ambition you have! No, on the pattypan. It’s an idea, though. Hope I can remember come Spring.
Blackberries used to grow wild all over the place here, but haven’t done well over the last few years. We put in apple and peach trees; 14 altogether. All that is left standing are 2 peach trees which we’re considering cutting down. If peaches do manage to grow, the varmits get to 'em before they ripen. Oh well, not all experiments are a success.

So much of the info here has been uplifting that I hate to put a damper on it. But as it was entitled “Vicory Garden”, I just gotta get this off my chest.
A friend of ours grew a real Victory Garden. He brought his abundance to a Food Kitchen. They turned him away. Why? It was too much work!
What makes that even harder to swallow is getting a letter 2 days later from my rep telling us how we all must work on feeding the hungry.
Ahhh. Thank you. I feel better.