[VIDEO (2:28)]: Trump Listens to Obama-Clinton on Immigration


There has been a 30 year bipartisan policy of non-enforcement of laws and borders through FOUR Presidents, two of each party.


There’s been 50 years of no I-100 visa.

The I-100 solved illegal immigration, it’s amazing we’ve never once considered bringing it back… despite being the only plan that has ever worked. The only one with a track record.


Wow! Clinton and Obama sounded pretty much like President Trump. One wonders what all the fuss is about.

Though, of course, Clinton’s the one that famously exclaimed, “The era of big government is over!” He didn’t mean it either. But it was good cover.

Well @old_dog’s video, which you seemed to approve of, suggested things are different now with consolidated drug cartels orchestrating more coordinated drug traffic across our southern border. I think we should build the wall.


… What? What video did he post?

For illegal immigrants, most are here to work. We know this, because their presence fluctuates with our economic cycles.

Mexican immigration peaked in 2007. You can guess why.

A wall doesn’t work, because the black market simply adjusts to overcome it. It’s already done that:

It’s a waste of resources, and doesn’t answer why this happens. It’s not about the supply, it’s about the demand. Drugs or illegals, it comes back to that point.


The one at the top of this thread.


You should tell Turkey that. They’ve completed building 475 miles of wall on their border with Syria and are half way done with a 90-mile wall on part of their Iranian border.

Also, tell Israel. Palestinian terrorists were committing continual violence against Israeli citizens until Israel started to build a wall. Now there’s something approaching peace in places where the wall is complete.

Digging tunnels, like the one in your video, is expensive and time consuming. The diggers must expect to use it for a long time to get a return on their investment. Once it’s found, it’s simple to stop–just dump a load of concrete into it. So all we have to do is find them before they’ve made a profit.

Besides, are you arguing that these drug smugglers and human traffickers should be given free reign to sell their goods just because it’s difficult to stop them? I think a wall will go a long, long way toward stopping them and will free up some border guards to concentrate on finding tunnels.


Yeah, and it doesn’t work, the violence with the Kurdish Worker’s party is only getting worse. They’re getting supplied by Kurds in Iraq.

Nope. Apples to oranges, Palestinian don’t have the scale of resources or expertise the Black markets here do, and the border there in Gaza Strip is only a few miles long.

And even then, even Israel can’t properly contain the tunnels, as the Palestinians frequently break through.

Further, the video I gave you puts the reality here in clear terms: we can’t stop the tunnels. A wall doesn’t prevent them.

Only answering whatever financing them will. For the Palestinians, that was cutting off the foreign aid that was providing the cement that built their tunnels.

There’s no such easy counter for Coyotes and Organized crime on our border. So we have to tackle the demand. That’s the answer.

Uh… no. They recoup their costs for construction in a single day. They specifically state this. That’s why Enforcement agencies can’t keep up, and have tried instead going after organization heads to disrupt the construction efforts. This didn’t work either.