Video add


A video add keeps coming up in the lower right corner of my screen when I get into a thread. The only way to get rid of it is to go back to the main index page. It only happens on this site.

If I click on it while trying to get rid of it, it takes up even more of the screen but is not a separate page.


Anyone else see this?


I don’t see it.

Get Adblock for your browser and see if it helps.


It is now happening on other pages. It looks like Google installed a video add. It’s not this site.


Yeah, I just got it this morning when the site first came up.


I’d scan your computer if the same thing is coming up on other pages as well, because I don’t think others are seeing it.

Microsoft provides a free security program: Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows

And this will block ads: Adblock Plus - Surf the web without annoying ads! It doesn’t work on Internet Explorer, so you have to have either Firefox or Chrome.


A few times I had a video pop up on drudge then disappear but that is all.


So far, it only just came up once for me.


It happens to me most on this site but it has happened on others. I can’t seem to isolate it’s source other than its an activated flash player video add.

Perhaps the mods are messing with me because I’ve been telling Cam what he deserves to hear about himself. If this post shows up in its entirety, it will be a miracle. PC Pete placed me on moderator approved posting restriction. He has to protect Cam’s feelings about himself from being influenced by the truth.


I think that it was an app (?) that was installed in an update to Rival Gaming. I was also seeing all kinds of words underlined. When I moved my mouse cursor over them, a little window popped up saing Powered by Rival Gaming. I uninstalled it. So far so good.


Couldn’t have been the problem I had; besides, it just went away after one display.


I had it really bad on this site. It also did it on others but it was worst on this one. Since uninstalling the previously mentioned program, I have not seen it.