[Video] CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Michael Scheuer: The Rise of Homegrown Terrorism


Former CIA head of the Bin Laden unit Michael Scheuer tells Fox Business’ Tom Sullivan the State Department is sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong rather than solving current foreign affairs.

This is a great short interview. Islamic terrorists don’t attack us because we’re “free” or a “democracy,” they attack us because of our foreign policy.


This is the most naive and ridiculous excuse for Terrorism that could possibly be offered, you belong alongside of these poor “victims” that the United States has forced to be evil if you believe this.

Regardless of how many justifications you offer for these monsters you are nothing but a hypocrite if you do not join them, maybe you deserve their murderous evil but no decent person would ever equate the Terrorist’s morality to the United States or justify their evil agenda in any way.


Why libertarians remain on the fringe…a complete education in just 7 minutes and 2 seconds.


Scheuer isn’t a libertarian. Neither am I.


Scheuer isn’t offering an excuse or justification for terrorism. There is none. There is never any justification for killing innocents. That said, he’s stating the reasons THEY give for attacking the US and other western countries. Bin Laden in his justification for 9/11 cited US intervention in the Middle East, particularly the stationing of troops in what Muslims consider holy land (anywhere near Mekkah and Medina) and support for Israel. The London bombers specifically cited UK involvement in Iraq as their biggest motivation. The attack on commuter trains in Madrid was also a directly attributed to Spain’s involvement in the Iraq War. The 2002 Bali bombings were directly attributed to Australian support for the ‘War on Terror’ and their involvement in Afghanistan and East Timor.

How is stating the obvious in any way justifying their actions?

To say they attack us for our freedoms is the naive position. In all of the major terrorist attacks against Western targets that has never been given by the terrorists as a reason. The CIA even acknowledges this!

Whether US foreign policy should be changed in another matter to debate, personally I think that we should be much more non-interventionist in the Middle East (we ought to have stayed out of Libya, we should stay the hell out of Syria’s civil war and we should cut foreign aid and end our support for the House of Saud). We should, however, intervene with overwhelming force when our national security is directly and imminently threatened and once we take out the threat we should come back home.


My point exactly, you take a murderous lunatics word over the obvious evidence that shows these monsters have been conducting these evil actions for far longer than there has even been a United States and in places that have nothing to do with “our foreign policy”.

They are religious zealots who take the words of their fake holy book literally and in so doing feel justified in killing any non Muslim, they attack their own when they feel their Nations leadership is not sufficiently harsh on those who live there, especially Christians and Jews.

These piles of human debris want any non Muslim eradicated and state in no uncertain terms that non Muslims have no right to even exist, The United States embraces freedom of religion and as such is an enemy to them that know their faith can only endure under an iron fist.

“Foreign Policy” is just the cowards way of saying that we willingly engage in mutually beneficial relationships with many governments and use our strength to support our allies, that support prevents the wholesale slaughter of Israel and gives Arab governments reasons of prosperity and security to get along with us.

Terrorist’s can exist but not dominate in this environment.

Nobody with a functioning brain would suggest that the United States should stop legitimate foreign relationships with legitimate foreign governments based on the demands of some murderous lunatics who represent NO NATION or people, assigning credibility to these bastards in light of all the evidence to the contrary is either foolish or treasonous.

Terrorist’s are liars, it makes no more difference what justification they offer for their murders than Charles Manson’s claims about why He Terrorized and murdered. You are free to assign credibility to whoever you want when you decide to evaluate the motivations of evil men but that does not make your opinion valid or even not ludicrous.

Totalitarian oppression cannot coexist with Free Men, a literal interpretation of Islam cannot coexist with Religious Liberty. That is why it is said that “they hate us for our Liberty”, it is an entirely accurate statement and fits with the entire history of radical Islam.


It isn’t that Jebby or Michael Scheuer empathize with the terrorists. They are pointing out the motivation. It also isn’t saying it is what makes the terrorists evil. They are evil in the first place, but it is understanding the motivation of evil people attacking us. Aren’t people doing the exact same thing in saying the terrorists attack us because we are free? The only difference is one assessment is correct, while the other is not. Being correct in the assessment does not mean empathizing with the terrorists. In fact, the opposite is true. Does the FBI not profile serial killers not only to catch the killers, but get inside their minds to see what made them do it? This is not to say FBI profilers are empathizing with the serial killers.

It is a false sense of patriotism to say if someone questions their government or governmental policies they are empathizing with terrorists and need to join their ranks.


It is not just in regard to our foreign policy, but human nature and unintended consequences, the law of reciprocity which all existed long before our foreign policy. However, our foreign policy is one of the modern examples of contributing to unintended consequences.

I agree with you on how evil they are. I also agree the U.S. did once embrace freedom of religion, but as you see religious persecution toward Christians on our own shores, you can’t deny we aren’t what we once were. Now, if they are that evil, why is it necessary to get involved in their affairs when one side opposes the other? Why would we get involved in their governmental affairs to ensure they have democracy when their democracy empowers the Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law? Why not let them handle it themselves, let the trash take out the trash so to speak and let the chips fall where they may? Instead, we got involved in Saudi, Iraq, and Kuwaitt to free Kuwaitt from Saddam, we got involved in taking out Saddam so they can be ruled by Sharia Law, we got involved in Libya so they could be ruled by Sharia Law, we got involved in Egypt so they could be ruled by Sharia Law. Now, we are getting involved in the fight between the Muslim Brotherhood/Al-Qaeda rebels against Assad in Syria. Why not just let the trash take out the trash?

And how well do they get along with us while we are involved in their political process? We give Arab governments foreign aid and they lie to us and don’t cooperate. We get involved in the peace process by calming Israel down every time they try to retaliate against an Islamic country who attacked them. We give foreign aid to Israel’s enemies to a tune of four times the amount we give them. We get involved in Arab governments and empower Sharia Law and the Muslim Brotherhood. As we do so, in the name of globalism, we compromise sovereignty and run up our debt even more, not to mention the many lives we lose. Why not get back to the founding principles of not having entangled alliances and staying away from foreign entanglements? Why not have a strong military used only to protect ourselves and with a Constitutional declaration when war is necessary? This would be a foreign policy in which it would be known we trade and have commerce with all, yet we mind our own business. Other countries would also know we can blow them up, but we leave them alone, but if we are messed with, we will blow them to hell. By doing this, we would be feared and respected.

Regarding Israel, they would benefit greatly without our influences in the Middle East. We would not empower Sharia Law and we would not give money and weaponry to dangerous governments who oppose them.


:shhh: Shhh Rightwing…don’t tell them that stuff! They might start thinking the USA is actually evil and against Israel, and won’t let them take out their enemies, exercising their sovereign rights as a nation. They might even begin to think giving $250 Million to Egypt along with F-16s and abrams tanks is a bad idea. They may even start to realize the DHS street lamps with wifi cameras and armored anti personnel carriers purchased from the Marines surplus from Iraq, Drones, and 1.6 Billion rounds of ammo might be used against THEM. They might even realize we can no longer afford our Merikan Empire!

Go back to sleep…go to sleep nighty night…


One could only hope! When I was asleep, I at least had one eye open, but I want to stay awake. I spend too much time sleeping. As disturbing as the truth can be, it is refreshing to know the truth. We will just let the others enjoy their slumber believing things like Cheney and McCain are conservatives. That’s not for me anymore. Thanks for nudging the shoulder. “Hey, man, hey man, wake up.”