Video: Dems over the years denying gun banning

and then Beta exposes the goal of Confiscating YOUR GUNS.

a socialist is a communist without a gun.
A communist is a socials with YOUR gun.
Never give a socialist your gun.

Look at the bright side. After making this comment, I can’t see any future for Beto in Texas politics. There have been Democrats who have been telling him to drop out of the presidential race and run for the Senate again. I think he has walked out on a limb and sawed it off. He’ll have to move to New York, California, Illinois, Washington or Oregon. All of those states might be into gun confiscation.

Spartacus Booger: It’s fearmongering this cop going door to door to confiscate guns in this gun buyback program.

interesting how he worded that.

Yes, let’s ignore history…