Video: Dinosaurs and Man; The Lands That Darwin Forgot..Episodes 1-8


Video: Dinosaurs and Man; The Lands That Darwin Forgot…Episodes 1-8 « The s8intcom Blogger

Darwin and time forgot the co-existence of man and dinosaurs but it is reflected in the art of ancient peoples. The variety and repetitive discoveries of known dinosaur and pterosaur species offer proof that Darwinism is a lie; all species of animals on this planet have lived concurrently with man.

The proof of this assertion is explored in eight episodes. The Series; The Lands That time Forgot". Note this is not a real series…

And God created the great dragons… GENESIS

And man memorialized these creatures; great and small; in exquisite detail. That is why these examinations will not be popular. everything that we’ve been told is true by materialistic sources–is untrue.

Note: No actual, horses, dogs or dinosaurs were hurt or harmed for this movie…


I don’t understand I saw a slide show that said Isreal 300 AD then an indian paint horse was chased and eaten by toy dinosaurs.


Thanx Teri, I needed a chuckle this morning.


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