VIDEO Fire Priebus!! Elect Mark Wilis for GOP chair and give grass roots votes again


VIDEO Fire Priebus!! Elect Mark Wilis for GOP chair and give grass roots votes again in GOP


The lady giving the speech thanking him with the shot of the crowd sitting on their hands while the Rocky theme plays in the background has to go lol.

That being said, the Repub’s do need someone different for their RNC chair. Reince just can not convey the message and isn’t out in the fray enough to make a difference. I’d be willing to bet 75% or more of the Repub voters have no clue who he even is.


True. So why would they even think about replacing someone they don’t know?


That’s the crux of your marketing problem. The chair of the RNC needs to be the compass the rest of the party follows when they do not hold the White House. Michael Steele at least was out there talking issues. You can’t turn on the weekend shows without seeing something from Debbie Wasserman (Sgt) Schultz. Mr Priebus however is nobody to anyone.

  1. No one watches weekend news shows. Not the general public anyway. 2. Nobody knows who Wasserman Schultz is either.

I don’t believe that the party chairman really is all that important. As long as you have enough spokespersons out there talking about your message then that’s fine by me! The democrats just get an easier job at this because they have four networks that they regularly address. The Republicans have one and four networks that defile them while asking snarky questions, that have nothing to do with the topic.

More folks are simply listening to the liberal talking points because it’s everywhere. Not just coming out of Wasserman Schultz’s mouth. Ask any liberal who she is and I bet you they wouldn’t know. But they’ll blindly follow the cool black rapper’s words as if it’s religious doctrine.


That’s the whole damn Republican Party leadership. Never see them, that is unless they’re advocating ‘compromise’. The Republican Party establishment is lost in the wilderness, they have no vision for the future.


And that’s scary!


**As if the Republicans are gonna hand over the RNC to Ron Paul’s Maine running mate after the crap they pulled during the election cycle. ** Lulz.
"WASHINGTON – A Maine representative to the Republican National Committee is accusing national party leaders of running a smear campaign to oust him from the committee, even as he wages his own longshot bid to become the national party’s next chairman.

Five months ago, Mark Willis lost his delegate seat at the Republican National Convention in Tampa because of his outspoken support for presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Now, other Republican National Committee members question whether Willis is eligible to represent Maine on the committee – let alone run for RNC chairman – because he was listed as Paul’s running mate on Maine’s official list of declared write-in candidates last November.

**Failure to support the party’s presidential nominee is grounds for removal from the committee under RNC rules.

I further note that : “To be elected RNC chairman requires 85 of the 168 national committee members, and Priebus has said he has already secured commitments from 150.” Tempest in a Paulbot teapot. This is a non issue.

As to Michael Steele…good riddance…he came out FOR and assault weapon ban this week.
Reince did a GREAT job this year putting the RNC back on firm financial footing and getting it ORGANIZED to compete with the Dem machine. He IS NOT and never will be an accomplished speaker or party spokesman. It is not NECESSARY or even WANTED in an RNC chair who must try to keep ALL factions of the party happy.
Tell me the memorable RNC chairs that inspired the American Public over the last 50 years??!!
The real party leader is always the candidate or the President…and in the interim…the candidates speak for themselves. I’ll settle for a well run, well funded, fiscally sound and technologically competitive national party organization. Preibus has done a good job and deserves re-election as there is MUCH work to be done and no time for a new learning curve.


It’s just amazing how many threads this image fits in! I wish I had found it years ago!


Mark Willis, Reince Priebus Challenger, Jumps Into RNC Race, Declares War On ‘Pricey Consultants’

As MSNBC reported in November, “nearly a third of the Romney campaign’s funds paid campaign consultants.” Spencer Zwick, who runs a political consultancy firm and whose career is basically just centered around knowing Mitt Romney, made out especially well, according to the Boston Globe.


Yeah let’s start a war against guys who do the jobs that they were paid to do. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!


Knowing you, you probably think a literal war.

“War” is the term used by the author, hence not in quotes.

The party gets fleeced by consultants and what do we have to show for? Losses.


Since we are on the subject, should we change the RNC chair? If so, who? Your opinion.

Why do I feel Newt might be the best candidate for this job?


we’re not changing the chairman. He is doing his job. The consultants are doing their jobs. Nothing is going to change. And even if they did, it wouldn’t matter. The democrats are more organized, Obama is President. This is literally gasping at straws. Another .01% of the probability that their wild dreams will come true and paulbots will take over the RNC. Another straw that sore losers are clinging onto. 99.99% probability that nothing will happen!


I would support Mark Willis. J.C. Watts looks good, too. Speaking of retired congressmen, what about…? Never mind, you all aren’t ready for me to mention him yet. You’ll just get mad at me.

That is a really good question and I have NO answer. The Gopac Tic makes even Prince Pubis look good.


It’s better than keeping the current chair after the crap he pulled during the convention.

It doesn’t surprise me not supporting the candidate would be grounds for dismissal. It’s a heirarchy and is not about the freedom to choose a candidate. It’s not hard to lose their support. All one has to do is say something controversial and they will end up indirectly assisting the opposition who may be the most liberal senator in the senate. Yet, nothing will stop them from continuing to send out letters begging for handouts. I made my position clear to them and I still receive these.


And yet you support a Libertarian OR a staunch social & defense con for replacements of him. I see you are quite clear on your political values preferring servings of red meat rather than asking what kind of meat is being served.


By Dave Nalle, head of the RLC:

Mark Willis: Ready to rebrand the Republican Party | Washington Times Communities


Yeah…they just want a better REPUBLICAN Party (NOT)…even though** the writer was Texas State Director for the Gary Johnson Libertarian presidential campaign. **
More dirty trick dishonest PR campaigns from the REAL RINOS…the ones that don’t even VOTE Republican.


Dave Nalle is in charge of the REPUBLICAN Liberty Caucus.

Gary Johnson ran as a REPUBLICAN before running as a Libertarian. Nalle was announced as Texas state director 4 months before Johnson dropped out of the Republican primary. I see no evidence that he stayed on.

Dave Nalle was on the Ted Cruz statewide leadership team.