Video Games


I figured we have a book thread, a music thread, an anime thread, and a movie thread, so why not a video game one?

I’ve been playing Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask lately through the Wii Virtual Console system. I love it, but aiming with the Gamecube controller is extremely difficult because the movement’s all jerky, and I can never seem to make it through an entire temple in one cycle because I refuse to use a game guide. (And I’m also really bad about playing the Song of Time when I should. :embarrese)

What about you guys? =)


I have all of the Sims 3 editions and I spend way too much time playing that game.


I made 2 mistakes in December. Mistake #1, introduced my wife to Bejeweled. Mistake #2, got her Bejeweled 3 for Christmas. My computer time is waaaaaaaaaay down.


My youngest brother is addicted to the Sims 3 games as well.

Personally I like the Assassins Creed series for my PS3 and RTS games for the PC like the Total War series. I play other stuff, but i dont have as much time on my hands as i used to.


Mostly, I’ve been playing Command & Conquer Generals on my computer. I’ve also blown the dust off my Playstation (PS-1) and been playing Hot Shots Golf 2 and Ace Combat 2, plus a little Raystorm and Action Bass.

I used to play Yuri’s Revenge, Total Anihilation, Mechwarrior III: Pirate’s Moon, Unreal Tournament and European Air War on the computer, but I felt guilty because I hadn’t paid for any of the last four, and I hadn’t bought the C&C Red Alert 2 that Yuri is an expansion for.

I also sometimes play (on the computer) Lock On and MS Flight Sim 2004, and once in a while I’ll blow the dust off of Dungeon Siege. I’ve gotten away from Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, although I used to play it a fair amount.


Epic Mickey is a bit of a disappointment. In some respects it’s really addicting and fun, but the quests are sort of repetitive and after the Zelda games I get a bit bored with only having the same three abilities the entire game.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn, on the other hand, is the cutest game ever, and so much fun to play two-player. Though it’s true it is very easy to beat - you only have to do two or three levels a world to advance to the next one.


I pretty much loved every Zelda game I played. I’ve been playing them since original on the NES.

These days I’m playing World of Warcraft. The Cataclysm expansion has really improved the story telling during questing and they’ve upped the challenge on group activities like dungeons and raids as well.


I am not much of a Nintendo fan. I play the Xbox 360 alot. Lets see games I play alot are Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Smackdown vs Raw 2011, Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare, Ace Combat 6, COD Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, Final fantasy XIII, Fable III and Lost Odyssey. I recently found my DS case that had all my GBA advance games in it and have been plaing Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and Golden Sun alot also. In terms of computer games i play Sims 3, Sins of a Solar Empire(with both expansions), Diablo 2: Lord of Destrustion, Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition and Star Wars Empire at War(w/ Forces of Corruption). As you can see I am a extreme gamer. lol

I am the same here. I love the Sims3. When I am not doing the above I am playing that game.

I love Bejeweled. I play the version on Facebook. My girlfriends mom introduced it to me one day when I was over their house and I have been addicted to it since.(sorry Suds world of goo got replaced)

I like Assassins Creed but I didn’t buy Brotherhood. It was to much of an expansion and I just didn’t want it. I love RTS’s and RPGs. FPS are fun but it depends on the game.(i.e. COD or halo series)


That is one game I can/could never get into. I hate WoW. I played Guild Wars for awhile but I just can’t stand games that are online only.


To each their own. I used to mock WoW with some others on another MMO but then I actually got into a group with people I knew took a character past the starting levels and it was love. 12 million subscribers now. I understand why.


I also like the Civilization games although I prefer Civilization IV to Civilization V.


NNNNOOO!!! Another poor soul snared by the likes of WoW. I must save you! lol Plus I don’t like games I have to pay a monthly subscription for either. i like to pay for the game once and play it as much as I like.


Those are good games. An all time classic that I still play is Age of Empires II and the expansion that came with it. I played Age of Empires III and I hated it. I like improved graphics but the who feel of it wasn’t the same.


Video games oh video games! I really like to play video games especially dota, nba 2k11 and the like.


Still have a WoW subscription, but not playing as much since Cataclysm.

I highly recommend Batman:Arkham Asylum for anyone who still hasn’t played it. It’s the only game, IMO, that ever captured what it feels like to be Batman. Detective work, stealth, exploration, and a combat system that gives you the ability to fight 8 guys at once without getting hit…but doesn’t make it seem easy. Fantastic game.


Physics Games - Color Cleaner

This web game is VERY cool. I highly recommend clicking the “pause/reset” at the top and then the muting it because the music is annoying but the game itself is great. Go past a few level and it’s get more challenging.


I’ve been playing QuakeLive a bunch recently. For those who don’t know, its a free version of Quake III Arena and its playable online.

Check it out at :3


I can’t personally get on to people that play WoW… I played it for 6 years. I have since finally moved on. Concentrating more on my health, but I play the occasional game still. I just bought Tekken 6 for my 360. I mean, I can play as a android who can turn her arms into freaking chainsaws?! Sign me up for some of that!


:rofl: I am waiting for Dead Island to come out so I have been filling my time with SquareEnixs’ best game in the last 5 years. The Last Remnant. I cannot wait for all the good games coming out this year.