Video: Man Tries To Smoke Out Trump Supporters With His Car – Receives Instant Karma

Made my day!

Maybe yours too!?

Trump supporters are 90% of back the blue supporters, BLM and Antifa rioters are 90% Biden voters.

This video will provide a good laugh for every Trump supporter.

In the footage, you can see back the blue and Trump supporters getting smoked out by an unknown person, a few moments later he received an instant karma.

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It’s kind of confusing. Is smoking your tires an offense that can get you arrested?

Smoking your tires like that is pretty stupid, unless you have money to burn, but I don’t see why he was arrested. And it’s not clear if he was a Trump Supporter or antagonist.

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Any time you smoke your tires, you’ve actually lost control of your car. Professional drivers and stunt men possibly excepted.


Doing a burnout in front of people with no protection between them and the car is illegal for safety reasons even at events that hold burnout contests, on the street the charges are “exhibition of speed” and “reckless driving”; in this case I believe he also ran a red light when he pulled away and public endangerment could be added since he clearly chose a political rally as a place to commit the offense.

And Liberals don’t buy their own cars or tires so they don’t care about the cost :rofl: