Video of GOP elites whining about Trump over martinis


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It’s almost as if these guys want to help Trump get elected!?

The World Is At Peace With Hillary Clinton.

(I don’t have to explain my reasoning do I?)


I don’t believe they want him to be ELECTED…just NOMINATED.


Is this some sort of a joke? WTF?

If Trump’s supporters are lower-to-middle-class normal people, you don’t persuade them with videos of elites eating fancy dinners and drinking martinis.


Great s show that shows us what we already know about Establishment RINOs. At one point the literally layed out why Trump is so succesful yet it is a strategy they do not bother to employ.


First of all, Trump does attract lower class and middle class voters, because they see him as being able to help them where the Democrats and Republican’ts have failed them. But, they are not the ONLY people Trump attracts. His base is 4 times as wide, and previous Pubbie nominees.
Secondly, I am a middle class voter who supports Trump, and I eat fancy dinners and drink an occasional cocktail.
You missed the point. The point was, they STILL don’t get it. They are trying to make heads or tails of his appeal, and cannot seem to understand that the PEOPLE want Trump.
He is kicking their John Brown Hindparts. He is an enigma to them. And they are frantic to stop Trump. It is truly glorious to watch.


Trekky was not disparaging Trump supporters and i think you know this. His point was if Trump supporter are, and the are, made up of lower to Middle class citizen you do try and persuade them not to support him by showcasing rich privileged people eating nice expensive food while shocasing how much smarter they are than us. This series is a slap in the face to the voter.

What I took away from this video is not matter who we, you know the people, want as our nominee the elites on care about who they want and expect us to vote for them.


First of all, I never said he was disparaging anyone. I just pointed out that Trump’s base is wider than that.
Secondly, I am a middle class voter, and I don’t mind people eating well and enjoying libations.
Thirdly, the whole point of the video is, they still don’t get it, which is just another way of saying what you said.