Video Reveals Dems Planning to Use Women as Secret Weapon Against Trump Fans


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The political world has been rocked (again) by a series of videos released by Project Veritas that have documented just how low Democrat operatives have been willing to go to stop Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign.
The first few videos detailed how high-ranking Democrats conspired to start violence at Trump rallies. A new video released on Wednesday revealed how Democrat operatives also planned to put protesters in Trump rallies for imaging purposes.

O’Keefe Undercover Video Reveals Dems Planning to Use Women as Secret Weapon Against Trump Fans -

Another proof that a lot of the current trouble is being fostered by the democrats.


These are the methods of a totalitarian regime. It’s what we can expect from four years of Hillary, and when she’s done, there might be no return.

When Nixon Republicans were up to their dirty tricks Woodward, Bernstein and other members of the main stream press were there to report it because the Republicans were guilty. There will be no such stories from the main stream press now because it’s their favorites, the Democrats, who are guilty.

Look for Hillary to invoke the Fairness Doctrine to suppress the conservative media. She’ll use FCC licensing laws to do it too. If Hillary wins control of Congress, which could happen if the Republicans stay home because of Trump, she’ll seal up the deal for permanent Democrat Party control of the news media.


It’s sad that I’m not shocked or surprised.


I didn’t realize that everyone wasn’t already aware of this. There have been a lot of writings about this for a long time.