Video Shows Alligator Tossed Into Wendy's


-A store surveillance camera captured a Florida man throwing a small alligator into the drive-thru window at a Wendy’s restaurant, prompting a concerned employee to hoist herself outside the window to escape the reptile.
As seen in the above video, defendant Joshua James, 24 paid for a drink he had ordered and then, as the Wendy’s employee turned her back to get change, he threw the live three-and-a-half foot alligator into the eatery around 1:30 AM. Seen at right, James then drove off in his Nissan Frontier.
While the airborne alligator is a blur in the footage, the Wendy’s employee’s concern is clear. While she seems to smile at the sight of the alligator inside the restaurant, the woman eventually sits up on the ledge of the drive-thru window and then jumps out the opening.

Video Shows Alligator Tossed Into Wendy’s | The Smoking Gun

The only question I have to ask was the allegator a service animal? Should PETA be informed?


I saw in the comments one where the commenter thought it was no big deal. I wonder if he/she would have thought the same if it had been thrown at them?


Since they have a name, I’m guessing they have an arrest…

On edit: Now I see the word “defendent” in the OP. Aren’t I paying attention…


I imagine that even a “small” 3- or 4-foot long gator’s bite would be quite painful and possibly disabling through permanent nerve, muscle, and possibly, bone damage. At the other end of the gator, that powerful tail, even on a “small” gator, could probably break human leg bones (Mrs. S in CA broke her fibula in a fall last year, and after her recovery of the past 5-10 months*, I’ll never again use the phrase, “Just a broken leg!”). Despite the humorous first impression of this situation, that gator was a significant danger to all the employees of this Wendy’s restaurant.

** Mrs. S in CA is doing well and walked in a 5K race with me last month. Our finish time was just under an hour, not fast, but we weren’t trying to be fast.*


And that, my children, is how I met your mother.


She threw an alligator at you?


Or *I’m the alligator * :banana: