Viking's Pig roast pictures

For your viewing pleasure:






I’m going to tell PETA–cruelty to animals:biggrin:

Can anyone see the pictures I posted ?. I’m having a pain with them (and more generally with RO). I’ll try to post them from home.

I see the pictures with no problem

I had to click on the links to see the pictures.

atheistic pig sacrifices.

Burnt offerings! They showed up fine for me. Could you post some pictures of the final product, like after it was cooked?

I’ll have to ask my daughter. She took the pictures, and I’m sure there is a better picture then that one of Porky after he’s all cooked up.

That’s pretty cool man. I think the image links you need are the ones that look like this : [img

Man, looks like y’all had a great time.

I hope there was enough for everybody!

Yeah, we had a blast.
Married to the same person for 25+ years, and still loving every minute of it.


Okay I am still waiting for my plate of ham

Awe man. It’s all gone. There was a standing invitation for any RO members to drop in. I just cleaned up our basement, and while I knew we had quite a few bottles of wine leftover, I didn’t realize that we had 48 bottles, and 5 bags, each of which holds about 4 bottles each.:drink3: