Violent felon arrested 14 times and still free

There was a story on the news this morning about a man who beat up a New York City Transit Authority subway worker and put him in the hospital. This person had been arrested 14 times previously for various crimes, including assault and was still on the street. Bait was finally set, but it was only $5,000 which means he can be free with $500.

Do any of you leftists think that it’s time to deal with repeat offenders? If you want to bring race into it, there was a case of where one Black man beat up another Black man.

There was another case where a guy walked up to another man in the street and sucker punched him for no reason. The victim is in the hospital in critical condition with a fractured skull and a brain bleed. Fox News was about to find 17 mug shots of this guy where he had been arrested previously. He is also a registered sex offender.

Are you “progressives” still good with letting these repeat offenders free with no bail? When will the “crime reparations” concept be equalized? If criminals learn that there are no consequences for what they do, they will continue to commit crimes.

Since no one is interested, here’s the latest. He’s out of jail, and the woke justice system has reduced his charge to a third level felony. Yet, his victim is still in the hospital in a coma.

He’s got 41 beefs. Maybe now that he’s free, he can add more.

A news link would help.

I am on an iPad and can’t do that tonight. I’ll try tomorrow.

What I am posting is true. You folks say you care about people. Are crime victims people, or are the repeat offender criminals more important?

I just searched for “NYC felon arrested 41 times.” Here’s one of a number of hits:

I did too, and got the same NYPost article. What you consider MSNBC is how I view the New York Post.

Having said that, being arrested that many times and not being charged? By Ney York cops who made broken windows into an art form?

I have made mention that I know someone who was the wife of a cop. Said cop got drunk and treateded her like a punching bag. People like Sendgop and Foghornleghorn will doo anything to defend such cops.

And that’s how she lived her life. Routinely getting arrested (after being divorced) for meaningless garbage. All because Grant Provan had good mates.

Long story short - just being arrested for something isn’t the be all and end all. I would like some context before I comment on what Sendgop wants me to be outraged about.

I stand corrected on this suspect. He had been arrested 14 times and he is a registered sex offender who is on parole for life. I have attempted to make this link.

The individual was charged with attempted murder, but the Bronx DA has dropped it to a misdemeanor. He is out with no bail. The victim is still in the hospital in a medically induced coma. He has a fractured skull, brain bleed and a broken cheek bone.

Unprovoked attack

Why don’t you wait to have the facts before you post? Do you really support releasing violent repeat offenders with no bail repeatedly? In view of the fact that people of color are often the targets of these thugs, your position sounds racist to me.

Just so you know, the link you provided was about a 20-year old man named Austin Amos. No mention of previous arrests. We are talking about Ney York, so I reckon there are as many arrests towards an Austin Amos as there are to an Amos Burton. But this particular Austin is clearly guilty of all of them, right?

And in case you are wondering, Amos Burton grew up in Baltimore.

You clearly have an agenda toward this specific incident you don’t even have the courage to articulate properly. Be a man, grow some spine and say what your point is.

@Patooka defending violent criminals. No surprise. You don’t care about innocent people. You only care about your ideology. You don’t live here so you don’t care. :face_vomiting:

Then by your logic you are a lying piece of garbage because you haven’t shown Austin Amos has been arrested 14 times.

You also haven’t shown that he was ever charged.

You also also haven’t shown what he was arrested for. I can make a solid argument that you are a lying piece of crap who is just pushing an agenda. But by your estimation I’m against innocent people.

An argument can be made that you are a complete moron.

Incidentally, I will be invading your country yet again at Christmas time, 2023. Be prepared, be-yatch.

So, I am “a lying piece of garbage” after I have seen this story reported repeatedly in the news and posted a video of this guy striking the victim.

I just flagged you, @Patooka, for what it’s worth.

About as much I am a defender of violent criminals, sure.

You haven’t, but that’s neither here nor there.


1 Okay, apparently, you weren’t paying attention when I said:

The New York Post was one of several. I’m not finding it on traditional lefty sites, but it would hardly be the first time they’ve spiked a story that made the Dems look bad.
2 You want to provide some context for your implied claim that NYPD misconduct is endemic, or just act like “everybody knows?”
3 Because one anecdote equals a trend? You can find rotten eggs in any profession.
4 What context do you need?

5 The link I provided named the suspect as Alexander Wright.

And let’s cool the insults on both sides.