Virginia dems assault weapons ban fails senate

good news…but we still have all the other bills they passed as fast as they could. The prayer is…remove these tyrants from their positions starting this year. Protect Virginia citizens, the constitution and the history and legacy of the state. This is the result of that shrimp Bloomberg buynig off virginia politicians by paying for their campaigns. We’re still not out of the woods though.

I am hoping all this and the recent revelations of Bloomy’s misogyny, sexism and racism, get virginia rural voters off their butts and to the polls this year and next.

freakin’ lying baby killin’ racist.

Looks to me like a few Democrats (not many) are interested in keeping their phony-baloney jobs.

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4 in particular.

At least we’ll have guns to protect our selves from the entitled and government supported illegals and foreigners.