Virginia's 2A Sanctuaries

This has been taking place in Virginia since the dem’s unholy win now holding majorities in house, senate and governor’s mansion. Within a day, Governor Coonman BabyButcher Northam and his sidekick little Dick Saslaw determined they were going to foist gun control and confiscaton on the rest of the state…the red areas. In response…county after county and some cities…recently Chesapeake…major population area, have adopted 2A Sanctuary County/City Status to show the tyrants in NoVA and Richmond that we are not gonna sit still for this.

TONITE, it was our turn. Rockingham County. The Captain and I got on the road to the high school where the venue had recently been changed because the Board of Supervisors was getting an idea that more than a couple dozen people were gonna show up. I’d say 2500 IN the building, more in the large foyer, more outside and many more in cars waiting for the results. Traffic was backed up for miles in the fast lane to get into the HS grounds. As far back as we could see, as far forward as we could see.The supervisors were late because of the traffic. They finally get there. We had already sang the star spangled banner ourselves. They got there and we said the pledge and someone yelled, ‘the prayer’. No they said, this meeting is a continuation of the one we just left in H’burg so we don’t have to do another prayer. THE crowd said, ‘DO IT’. and they did and they damn well better had.

Speaker after speaker stood up to say their piece in 3 minutes or less…to cheers and claps and whistles etc. out of maybe 20 some speakers a total of four were leftists. 2 amounted to trolls. They started off, as trolls do, speaking like a constitutionally minded conservatives…but they can’t help themselves…it goes south rapidly. Some attendees booed. Someone up front said we’re better than this…let her speak. I can’t tell you how sick and tired I am of that phrase…‘we’re better than that’…it’s a dogwhistle to make us shut up. Let me ask you. Are conservatives given that courtesy? hell no. They are run out of the venue, attacked on stage, attacked on the way out of the building, fires started, property damage, spit involved, perhaps blood and piss etc etc etc. SO WE must be better at accommodating them, They on the other hand do not have to accommodate. One of these B******* called us a mob. We were no mob. HE on the other hand, knows what a mob is because his side supports antifa. double standard.

After a time, people are tired of the speaking and they tell the board they must vote NOW. The board let’s a few others speak. ONe man said, I was going to talk but I just want to know…how many of you support Northam. Maybe 20 hands went up in the crowd. How many support Option 1. that’s do nothing and just say we already have laws on the books to protect… about same amount or less…and then Option2. DECLARING the county 2 A sanctuary county. I don’t trust these 7 people. I know what they’ve done in the past. and one woman is a democrat and you know what @$$3$ they can be.

Now people are yelling out again. TAKE A VOTE…the BoS got quiet for a moment and while they were quiet people in the stands were remarking on their situations come next election. I say a prayer while the head guy is talking…he’s a Cuban by birth…experienced what happened with Castro taking guns and what happened after that. Talked and talked. The People tell him to STAND UP!! I pray," Lord, let these men and woman do the right thing either through fear or goodness…but let this pass so that we are standing solidly with our sister counties/cities who have already taken a stand." He reads the proposition. I have the paper, I read silently along with him…then…he leaves option 1 and goes straight to option2.

IT PASSES… THE PEOPLE GO WILD. WHAT AN AWESOME NIGHT> NOT nearly as Awesome as that Tuesday nite in November 2016 but close.

NOrtham and Saslaw have awakened a sleeping giant to their peril.


Congratulations on living in a freedom loving county. I live in a 2nd amendment sanctuary county too, Sierra County, N.M I read about one Virginia sheriff who will deputize all law abiding citizens if they pass a confiscation law. There is hope for our Republic.



update on attendees…4000

Culpepper county sheriff Scott Jenkins @old_dog

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Connolly and another black democrat arse have said that …Gov Coonman BabyButcher Northam can send out the National Guard and./or do something not specifically stated to the sheriff’s who oppose them. Also saying that Northam may deny state help to counties and cities that do not bend to their will.

Nice to declare war on the people you represent Tyrants.