Virtue Signaling: (Why Not Start With New York!?)

The reason for this short history, (and title) will become clear at the end.

In 1619, some 20 Africans arrived at Jamestown, Virginia.

They were purchased from Dutch privateers to aid in the English colony’s cultivation of tobacco, a crop which was labor intensive but hugely profitable.

As the profits piled up and slavery spread through the colonies, the British crown decided to seize control over the slave trade to the colonies and it’s wealth.

According to the Navigation Act of 1660, only English-owned ships could enter colonial ports.

That year, King Charles II granted a charter to the Company of Royal Adventurers Trading to Africa.

(Later to become The Royal African Company)

The Royal African Company

Chartered by Charles II in 1672 and headed by his brother the Duke of York.

For more than two decades the Royal African Company held a monopoly of trade with Africa which included gold, silver and slaves.

From 1680-86, the company transported an average of 5,000 slaves per year, most of which were shipped to colonies in the Caribbean and Virginia.

Thousands of slaves arrived in the New World with the company’s initials branded on their chests.

Why did I think it important to post this very short history of a company that probably few have ever heard of?

New York!

Since the Virtue Signalers are demanding that everything that is offensive to blacks be torn down or renamed … why not start with New York.

After all, New York was named after the great Trader of African Slaves … Duke of York!
(From his English title)

There you have it!
The reason for the short history lesson and … A Virtue Signal of my own!

(Yes, the Duke of York later became known as King James II.)