Voices from Poland

A Book, entitled “How Polish People Helped Germans Murder Jews;” was published recently (January 2013) in Poland.

[COLOR=#800007] [COLOR=#2200a7]http://www.czarnaowca.pl/literatura_faktu/jak_polacy_niemcom_zydow_m,p720952114[/COLOR][/COLOR]
I hope it will be translated into English. The author, Stefan Zgliczynski, is a journalist associated with the Polish version of Le Monde Diplomatique. His book generated many interesting comments on a Polish website:

„Jak Polacy Niemcom Żydów mordować pomagali”. Recenzja książki - Forum - Polityka.pl

The link below will take you to selected observations (translated by me).

[COLOR=#800007] [COLOR=#2200a7]http://csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/xenophobia.html[/COLOR][/COLOR]

Thay are worth reading and thinking about.

Interesting. Were the Polish collaberators of any particular group or were they a diverse crowd?

I saw no evidence that participants were from a particular organization. Ludwik

I’m a History teacher and we are currently learning the cold war in World History. Thank, buddy, I think I could use some exerpts from here to present some fascinating topics of dicussion.

Here is another reference for your students:

Autobiography of a Former Communist. Ludwik Kowalski, Ludwik, diary

It is very different from my autobiography. Comments from you or your students will be appreciated. My email address is:



Mr. Kowaski, I’m so glad I caught this. It’s bookmarked for when I have the time to appreciate a read. It was very generous of you to translate it for us.
Thank you!

I will do more than that, if my students wish to ask you a question, would it be ok if I email them to you and then report your responses? This is a rare opportunity for me to get a first-hand account of a major historical event.

That is a good idea. Let us see how it works.