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Great article. We need a conservative to turn this country around. Not a renamed liberal who claims to be a conservative!

Vote Cruz in IowaI keep hearing from supporters of other GOP candidates that Ted Cruz can’t win the general election because he is too conservative and too preachy.

These same people criticize him for not being authentically conservative and also support others who are preachy.

I have long lamented the conventional wisdom, swallowed whole by many nominally conservative Republicans, that a true-blue consistent conservative can’t win a general presidential election because he can’t attract moderates, centrists, independents, Perotistas, Trumpsters, disaffected Democrats — and certainly not women or minorities.

Why is that the accepted thinking, when Ronald Reagan won in two landslides and the moderate GOP presidential candidates from George H.W. Bush to John McCain to Mitt Romney lost?

George W. Bush’s compassionate conservatism barely won in 2000.

Would someone please have the guts to tell me in what ways Ted Cruz is too conservative? What does that even mean? …

…Cruz was fighting in the trenches on immigration before Trump brought his megaphone to the issue — a megaphone we nevertheless appreciate — and Cruz remains a more reliable bet on the borders and amnesty.

I repeat the question: How is Ted Cruz too conservative? Don’t you really mean that Cruz is too committed to his principles, that he will actually fight against the establishment and thus he is a thorn in their side?

The establishment claims to be just as conservative as we are yet they have an unmistakable, visceral contempt for Ted Cruz, who is one person who has actually refused to “grow” after being elected.

This should thrill true conservatives endlessly.

Can you imagine what Cruz could get done if he were elected with a mandate to implement conservative ideas — the only antidote to the destructive path Obama has set us on?..[LEFT][/LEFT]
We’ve seen what we get with conservative lite, and it doesn’t work. …
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Cruz can win in the general and Cruz can win the Primary, he just needs to stop hiding his passion and return to ignoring Trump instead of being baited by Trumps games.

When Cruz is angry he is at his best, his campaign people must be telling him to turn up the sweet but it does not fit him well.



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