Vote? No vote? Write-in?


Reading some comments on Facebook this AM triggered this on my mind.

So many refused to vote last POTUS election, because they chose not to vote for “the lesser of two evils”, that it gave the ZERO a 2nd term. It occured to me that unless Jesus Christ Himself were on the ballot, you are ALWAYS going to have to opt for the lesser evil!!!

Even a write-in is nothing more than the lesser of 3 evils.

So do as your conscience leads, but remember you can choose, BUT, you cannot choose the results of your choice!:eusa_boohoo:

Keep in mind the results of the last “not voting for the lesser of two evils” led to! Can you accept that on your conscience??

The choice is yours, and yours alone.


If betraying my beliefs(you know the things that make me, me) is frowned upon then by all means frown away. My vote is my choice. It cannot be bought or coerced.


For starters, yes, I CAN “choose the results of my choice.” At least where my own conscience is concerned, that is.
Now that my beauty is wearing some, I don’t like to look in the mirror much, but I DO like to sleep at night.

Secondly, but of just as much importance, I’m getting MORE than sick to death tired of people calling anyone who doesn’t vote their particular preference a, "purist."
Not that I’m sure I even know the definition of a “purist”, I highly doubt I’m one. (Last I heard, they have cooties, so I had my doc check me over for any, and the test results came back, CLEAR OF ALL COOTIES.)

Thirdly, but tiresome, is having someone repeat the bull that it was non-voters who voted 0-zero into office. It’s a misnomer, and one that isn’t going to work on me - ever again.
(But, jftr, I did vote against him. Had to shower after coming out of the election booth. Won’t demean myself that much again.)

This all reminds me of IDIOTS who say, "I don’t care HOW you vote; just VOTE!"
They are the very people who’d I’d like to invite to our new, “Please, Do Not Vote Club.”


I am at least OK with all of the R’s still running, except Krispy Kreme Christie and Komrade Kasich. Jeb! has no chance, so he’s a non issue.

I’ll vote Cruz in the primary, and the winner in the general, unless it’s one of those two.


I don’t know who said that a write-in is the lesser of three evils, but I certainly can’t imagine what they’re thinking.

I will vote. If Trump (or some RINO like Rubio or Christie) wins the nomination, I will do a write-in. My conscience is quite comfortable with that.


If it’s Trump as the nominee, I vote for Marc Allen Friedman, the Libertarian candidate.


“Two Evils” is a reference to two choices that will do “Evil”, not a reference to state of fallen man.

Intending to perpetuate everything that I oppose and oppose everything that I want perpetuated is not a choice, regardless of how many people claim the “better” label should be affixed to one candidate.

If there is no justification for believing that something better can be achieved by voting for someone then I see no reason why I should vote for someone; at one time I at least had some reasons for supporting the GOP even when they nominated a Statist;

  1. I thought that the GOP was the best Party for Conservatives so choosing them would at least empower their Conservative members to a degree, Boehner, McConnell and Ryan have proved that theory false.

  2. At one time I thought the “Blue Bloods” were a dying breed so attrition would eventually transform the GOP into a Conservative Party, the Party election rules have since proved that the Statist’s can remain in power with a minority support base indefinitely.

  3. At one time I thought a Statist Republican was at least less severe than a Democrat Statist, then I realized that while the GOP Statist may be a bit less extreme the lack of opposition from the GOP members in Congress for “one of their own” meant that they could implement more destructive policies that a Democrat whether their “ideal” was less extreme or not; so the net amount of horrors was actually worse with a GOP Statist.

  4. At one time I thought the GOP could be reformed while winning, then it became clear that “winning” was just an encouragement for them to move further and further away from Conservatism.

  5. At one time I thought that agreement on 7 out of 10 issues was at least worthy of support, then I realized that the 7 points of agreement were the equivalent of “what is your favorite color” and the 3 points of disagreement were whether the Constitution should be respected, whether innocent life should be protected and who had ownership authority over all Property.

Not quite sure what standard would be able to ascribe a benefit to a Statist GOP candidate in this age.