Vote Vermin Supreme, For A Free Pony!


Look, could you do any worse than a candidate who wears a boot on his head? Chris Christie only gives out hugs, this guy’s main promise is free ponies for all! Who doesn’t want that?


All of a sudden illegal aliens are looking pretty good if we are producing guys like that.


I watched the Ted Baxter show last night and Jesse Watters did interviews at the Eugene, Oregon University. Besides the inane things that came out of their mouths, every one of the students looked like they belonged in an old fashioned Circus. I’m sure they all would like a pony. RIP America.


He is like Pat Paulsen from years ago.


Some of the aliens from the Star Trek look very good, there was this shape shifter in Star Trek VI who could make herself look like Iman and this green girl that danced for Kirk…


LOL. I remember. Star Trek has had some hot babes.


[quote=“old_dog, post:5, topic:48243”]
this green girl that danced for Kirk…
[/quote]That is the girl that played Batgirl on the old Batman show. She could not fight her way out of a paperbag but she sure did look good.


The green girls that showed up on the “Star Trek: Enterprise” series were almost porno man.

Go to the 2 minute 15 second mark on this video:


Me, for one. Ponies have to EAT…every day. You can’t skip a day, either.


If this guy promised free ponies and Pony Stamps (redeemable in hay and grain) then he too could be a contender in the democrat party.


I think you are giving too much credit to the “freebie” leftists - they wouldn’t think beyond “a free pony”!:dead:


I only came into this thread because I heard something was free?