Voter Fraud 2020

The Democrats are attempting to steal the elections by several concurrent methods.

Monitor the latest attempts here:

Some examples:

846 dead people tried to vote by mail in Michigan


Watch this. If you vote by mail they mark D for democrats and R for republicans on outside of envelope. Can’t make this crap up


ALERT: 46 million ballots will be mailed out to people who didn’t ask for them and may have moved away or died. PLUS 51 million absentee ballot applications! The opportunities for fraud, lost votes, and voter intimidation (ballot harvesting) will be enormous. #VoterFraud

Get Ready America! The Democrats have found a new Voting Block, No ID required. Just send your Ballot in. Elmer Fudd and Snow White will be voting this year.

They say there is “No WIDESPREAD voter fraud”. Of course there isn’t: It only exists where and where it’s needed. The trick is to establish widespread capability to be deployed surgically. Voting by Mail does that. Think fraud prevention, not voter suppression. #voterfraud

Meanwhile they strongly oppose voter ID.

Most the world use voter ID without any problems, but the leftists party doesn’t give a shit about the rule of law.

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Man received three ballots for people who don’t even live at his address

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Donald J. Trump
Some states use “drop boxes” for the collection of Universal Mail-In Ballots. So who is going to “collect” the Ballots, and what might be done to them prior to tabulation? A Rigged Election? So bad for our Country. Only Absentee Ballots acceptable!