Voter Fraud and Election Theft in Broward and Palm Counties Florida


They are at it again. The Democrats are screaming for a recount and once again, like it was in 2000, they concentrating their efforts in the Democrat strongholds of Broward and Palm Counties.

To refresh everyone’s memory, Florida’s electoral votes determined the 2000 presidential election, and the state went to George W. Bush by less than 1,000 votes. Instead of conducting a re-count of the entire state, which would have been reasonable, the Democrats had the entire recount done in Broward and Palm Beach counties where they could manufacture the additional votes they needed. The process continued until the end of 2000 when the Supreme Court finally shut it down.

Now the corrupt election officials in those two counties are at it again. They out to steal the elections for governor, U.S. Senate and Agricultural Secretary. This is a disgusting and revolting development. The only good thing is that Rick Scott has the money to fight them in court. Otherwise the Democrats would steamroll the entire process and deny the voters the rest of the state to have their votes counted. Let’s hope justice will prevail, but when you are dealing crooked election offices and prejudicial judges, one can never be sure that justice will prevail.


Whar are the chances that these corrupt Dem voting officials in Broward and Palm counties will be jailed? I mean, there is an investigation, isn’t there? Or are the investigators corrupt too?

What is the GOP doing to combat this?


You’re kidding, rigjt?


Those two counties are like Cook County in Illinois. Nothing will ever happen to them because the crooked election officials are “wired” with the judges and law enforcement. Believe or not there were a bunch of sheriffs down here who appeared on TV ads to endorse Gillum several weeks ago.

I just hope that the evidence of the real vote has not been destroyed. The Dems have a bunch of provisional ballots that they have “found.” They are probably reserve votes from, the “floaters,” the people who go from one voting precinct to another, to cast multiple ballots. It’s standard procedure down here. Back when Obama got elected there was African-American woman in Miami claimed she voted for him six times.

The only hope we have is that Scott got the legal machinery to work in time and that the evidence has not been destroyed. The Dems are asking him to recuse himself because he is one of the candidates. Of course they fail to mention that they stand to gain though state jobs and other perks for winning getting their people in office.


Chances of jail? Slim or none. Chances or her re-election: damn good. But what I care about more is if they are successful in stealing a United States Senate seat. Meanwhile Martha McSally’s victory in Arizona is all but gone. And we “held” the GOP senate seat in Utah with…Willard Mitt Romney. Confirmations of a new Attorney General, more Federal judges and possibly more Supreme Court seats could vanish.

I can live with a democrat winning a legit election but this crap makes my blood boil.


Judge sides with Florida’s Rick Scott, cites ‘violation’ of state constitution by election officials

I hope it isn’t too late.


After the 2000 fiasco, Jeb Bush appointed this DEMOCRAT as head of the Broward County Election Commission. Since then she has had one election violation after another. Once more the Bush family does a job on us again.


For years, this woman has been involved in one election violation/fiasco after another. Now, here we go again. At worst, she is guilty of election fraud. At best, she is guilty of non-compliance with Florida election law due to EXTREME incompetence. Either malfeasance or misfeasance - take your pick.

In 2016 she presided over much the same kind of - being kind, election irregularities - as we have now.

So, Bush might have appointed her, but given her history, why the hell didn’t Rick Scott fire her two years ago?? Scott shoulders some responsibility for this mess. One of the biggest problems in government is “negative retention”. That is, allowing piss poor employees to remain on the job.

One of the worst things that can happen in a democracy is that people lose confidence in the election process.

A footnote: Isn’t it interesting that, no matter where in the country “irregularities” in the election process pop up, the newly “discovered” ballots/additional count seemingly always favors the Democrat candidate?


I just read that the dem in Arizona (don’t remember her name) is now ahead of the GOP candidate. These dems are hell-bent and will do ANYTHING to elect their own.


CT - Sinema is the Dem candidate in AZ. Arizona - Maricopa County (Phoenix area) - is notoriously slow in voter count, even when Repubs have won the election. The county has a voter registration of approximately 2 to 1 in favor of Democrats. It appears Sinema, who years ago announced that it is OK for Americans to fight with/for the Taliban and refused to renounce that statement in a recent debate with military veteran, McSally, will win Jeff Flake’s vacant Senate seat.

It is more than mere demographics that are changing in America, our culture and values are eroding as well.


You are correct. We, as a country, are in a very bad situation. I hope Trump does something about all of this. Of course, there’s only so much anyone can do when decrepitude has set in so deeply.


If the Democrats win these governor and senate races this time around, I will have lost plenty of confidence in the electoral process. This is election fraud plain and simple.

I heard on Fox that there have been 26 such recounts in recent years and the Democrats have won all of them. Norm Coleman in Minnesota said he thought that the process and the law would be applied consistently in 2008 when he lost the senate race to Al Franken. Before he knew it, the same group of Washington, DC lawyers who have now come to Florida were landed in Minnesota and set different counting rules for each distract that favored the Democrats. Franken was given the election.

There is no honesty or decency in the Democrat Party any more. They are political thugs, and anyone of any importance in their party is ridden out of the Democrat Party if they disagree with their tactics.


It’s a small step from “losing confidence” to “why should I bother voting”.


“ Why should I bother voting?”

That is exactly what the Democrats want from anyone who opposes them. They don’t discuss the issues any more because they have only tired, old socialist ideas. “Democracy” is no longer part of the template in the modern Democrat Party.


I’m not worried about people who ask “why should I bother voting”, I’m worried about the who are asking themselves “why shouldn’t I start shooting?” The principle is ‘ballots instead of bullets’, so if the ballots don’t count…


Quite true, qix. This prospect is at the very heart of why the left is hell-bent on disarming Americans. They recognize that, by far, most weapons in private hands ARE in the hands of those who might be inclined to rebel to the massive electoral fraud we’re now seeing. If they can’t restrict weapons, they try to restrict AMMUNITION, turning any firearm into a paper weight or at best a club. I firmly believe that firearms in private hands is the ONLY reason the left hasn’t tried to force a socialist dictatorship on us…yet.


I lost plenty when Obama won a second term in spite of a mudslide of unpopular policies/laws/etc. I’m not at all convinced that he won his second term legitimately.


I lived in Cook County in the early 60’s. After a great hullabaloo was made about all the election fraud, they wiped the voters rolls out, and required everyone to register afresh. Unfortunately, all the dead people and empty lots reregistered, too. Must have been '64; there was proven voter fraud in Kennedy’s favor in Chicago, and we were approaching the Johnson/Goldwater election. Side note: that was the year Fantasy_Chaser was born.


Vote counting machines have broken down in Palm Beach County … I saw some spoiled ballots as a result.

The excuse is the machines are old and need to be replaced. The replacement was delayed however because the new machines would need to be replaced in 2020.

Isn’t it funny that none of the non-controversial counties in Florida don’t have similar problems. The vote count problems always seem to be in Democrat districts.


That IS revealing to me.

Your thoughts on this, @csbrown28 ?