Voter Fraud and Election Theft in Broward and Palm Counties Florida


Bob, not sure exactly what you want me to comment on, unless it’s specifically to Sendgop’s comment.

My first thought is to say that clearly, this isn’t a problem that exists only on one side.

I will say I’m not up on the details. I think I told you, we play CNN on a big TV at work, but there is no volume so I only get to read the occasional banner at the bottom of the screen, so I know a little, but not the details (other than what I skimmed though and read in this thread.

I will say, for the record, that unless we have confidence in our voting system (and clearly there is a lack of that on both sides), we are headed for rough waters as a nation. The peaceful transition of power is essential to a government of the people.

I’m not ok with lots of things that have taken place during this election and if Dems in Broward and Palm Beach county have violated the law, especially if there were overt attempts to block votes for a particular candidate, then the people involved should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Having said that, I think that Kemp in GA retaining his position overseeing the election system is dubious and creates the same sort of mistrust. I think requiring Indians in ND to get address, while not in itself an issue, but making it an issue right before an election, is a problem.

I’m not even hell bent on preventing voter ID laws (I live in VA with voter ID), I just think that every step should be taken to allow people to get those ID’s (though that is a discussion in itself).

Suffice it to say, we have a lot of work to do in creating elections that are beyond reproach and I think both sides should sit down when elections are years away and hash these issues out.


If the House Democrats had any decency at all, they were cut out this crap with the investigations and start discussing the real business of this country. That include immigration issues. the nation’s infrastructure, banking regulations, health care and what to do the keep the economy moving without excessive inflation.

You Democrats lost the 2016 presidential election. Live with it, just like we had to live with the losing the 2008 and 2012 contests. Stop acting like spoiled children. If we had treated Obama the way you have treated Trump, you would be yelling “racism” every day to every news outlet.

It’s time for decent grass roots Democrats to show up and act like adults. You need to start thinking of the country and less about the 2016 presidential election results.


That’ll happen soon after I get my pet dragon…


Sadly you are correct. The Democrats have become a revolutionary party that wants to power by any means possible.


Sendgop was talking about COUNTIES IN FLORIDA.

You’ve given examples from other states . . . NOT FLORIDA.

Can you name a county in Florida where Republicans have treated elections like the Dems have in Broward and Palm Beach?


Ok, but you don’t get to conveniently confine the conversation and focus on only the problems you see on the left. Furthermore, I addressed FL by saying that if there is evidence of wrong doing after an appropriate investigation, then prosecute those that broke the law. Because I stand on principle, not party.


That pet dragon of yours has become quite a benchmark here.

If you get one, let us know the minute you do.

(When Monkeys fly out of my . . . great scene in Bruce Almighty).


If DeSantis becomes the governor, there will be an investigation this time. If Gillum steals the election, there will not investigation.

Even if you believe what you wrote above about wrong doing, most of the leadership of your party do not agree with you.


Whoa . . . whoa . . . whoa . . .

YES I do get to confine the conversation.

The question to you was confined to Sendgop’s comment ON FLORIDA.


And I answered it.


And you know this…how?


No, you didn’t.

The issue raised by Sendgop was: NO other county in Florida has exhibited the behavior that the Dems have shown in Broward and Palm Beach.

The question to you was: Can you name a county in Florida where Republicans have done what the Dems have in Broward and Palm Beach?

The question was NOT if the election supervisor should be prosecuted.


Do you honestly think that Gillum will investigate the Dem election supervisors in Broward and Palm Beach?


I can’t say that I’ve looked, but let’s say your right, so what? I could point to corruption on the right, confine it the way you have and asked the same question, what does that prove? There is corruption in our government and both the right and left are a party to it. The problem is, at things become increasingly partisan, corruption on “your side” (not you personally), is overlooked or justified while corruption on the “other side” is scrutinized.


i don’t trust Gillum to do anything that’s just or right. I live in Florida. I listened to him during the Democrat primaries. He was the most extreme of the four major Democrat candidates and that is saying something. Few people took him seriously as a candidate who could win. The moderate, Bob Graham’s daughter, was expected to win. I could have accepted her.

He won the nomination with 33% of the Democrat vote, mostly from African-Americans and socialists. He had George Soros’ support. He’s confirmed socialist who is looking to explode the state budget and raise taxes to the extreme. The sales in my county is now up to 8.5 percent. Add to that a state income tax, and you might as well be living in New York State. I fear Andrew Gillum, and if he becomes the governor, my wife and I are thinking about moving.


Of course not, and there are people on the left that feel the same way about his opponent.

All this shows is that feelings are becoming more important than facts.


So what?


States have to collect money. It’s pretty hard to look at any one specific method and say that the state takes too much money. Some states don’t have a sales tax, or income taxes, but you can bet your ass they find other ways to make the money they need to pay for spending.

I don’t claim to know the costs overall for Floridian’s (if that’s where you live), but it doesn’t surprise me that Florida’s taxes might be higher than some other places given the frequency of billion-dollar storms and the fact that so much of FL’s population is old which of course taxes the health system there…


Can you name a single instance in the last 50 years where REPUBLICANS were found guilty of vote fraud or ballot stuffing? I can name a half dozen JUST in Broward County alone involving Democrat malfeasance!


No, Republicans use other methods. Ridiculous gerrymandering, closing voting places, requiring rule changes weeks and months before an election and the list goes on.

Did you know in Kansas, the average voting station serves about 1200 people? In Dodge City, where the population is majority Hispanic, there are 2 voting places meant to serve 26,000 people…Hmmmmm.

But I know, you have an excuse for EVERYTHING.



The only principle a Democrat ever has is power for his party (and thereby himself), damn the consequences, to hell with the rights of the people who get trampled. Go ahead and justify the election fraud that is happening, because you damn sure can’t hide it. Cover your eyes so you cant see, stick your fingers in your ears and shout “lalalalala” so you don’t have to hear, bury your head in Netflix so you can pretend ignorance, it won’t make the rest of us blind, deaf and stupid.

Democrats are deliberately flouting election law, hoping to have a friendly judge simply declare their clearly illegal activities copacetic.

The order of boxes has nearly run it’s course. I’m your huckkeberry–say when.


Oh the irony.