Voter Fraud and Election Theft in Broward and Palm Counties Florida


Some things (decent grass roots democrats, i.e.) are just too ridiculous to deserve any other response.


Tampa Bay Times Newspaper.

George Soros is one of the worst hypocrites on this planet. He gets capitalism; the rest of us get socialism slammed down our throats whether we approve it or not. The man is evil.

He should know better because early in his life he lived under the Nazis and the Soviets in Hungary. That has not stopped him from advocating government controlled systems for others. For him, it’s economic freedom. For us it’s slavery.

The Florida newspapers and the positions he has taken through his public statements. He is for much higher taxes, income redistribution and the abolishment of ICE. He makes not bones about what it he is, and the godfather of American socialism, Bernie Sanders, came down here to endorse him.

Ah yes, the usual liberal pronouncement about taxes. Government can never tax too much or spend too much, unless it’s on national defense.

How many months should Americans have to work to pay all of their taxes? Is there any limit in your world or is it just open ended? Should they be paid by April or May, or do we need to get into late summer or fall? Is 50% of your income too much? That’s what some people have to pay in California. That’s why the state is losing businesses and productive citizens.

How about 75%? When does taxation become like slavery when so much of fruits of your labors are taken by all the levels of government that you are no more than a slave of the government? For of us, who believe in the capitalist system and economic freedom, it is an issue.


Usually, when someone asks for a source since you made the claim, they sort of expect you to point them to it. The paper, by itself, isn’t a source, the article/s that substantiate what you say, those are the sources.

Where did you get that from what I said?

I said (in new words) cherry-picking a single tax as evidence that your taxes are too high doesn’t prove anything as we’re all taxed in many different ways.

For the record, generally speaking, I’m for lower taxes at the Federal level. The states are generally obligated to maintain a balanced budget so they have to collect what they need to maintain the needs and wants of the state government. Florida has ecological challenges which I suspect make it more expensive than other places…Thus if FL’s total state/ local tax cost is high, I can’t say it would surprise me.


Keep ignoring the voter fraud, I won’t. I’m going to keep pointing out that you support the party of voter fraud, violence against women and racism. You will be known by the company you keep.


Thanks for the LoL’s


If the truth be known, EVERY tax-paying American is working for some level of government for HALF of their lifetime. The TOTAL tax burden now exceeds 50% of their incomes…without exception. Those who do NOT pay income or FICA taxes (and that’s VERY close to half the population) are getting an unfair advantage over the rest of us.