Voter Intimidation


One thing is clear that stands out is that “polls” so far seem to give Obama an even or better chance of winning reelection. But is it true? I would say this is more in line with the old ploy of exit polls which are geared to discourage voting from the other side. Every year I see supposed polls that claim someone is in the lead and this in some people’s mind would dissuade them from voting their true choice or not voting at all.

This election cycle has seen a deliberate attempt to give Obama an edge by over sampling or just out and out lying about the results. The Mass Media has worked overtime to paint Obama in a favorable light and down played or ignored stories all together which shows Obama’s true colors.

Just in years past, I expect that the election results will be far different than prophesied by those who want Obama to continue debasing America.

Obama’s latest talks have revealed he really is not for America and holds Muslim beliefs over Christian and is endeavoring to bring this nation down.

Unemployment is rampant. Household income is down. The attacks on businesses have done great harm to our energy structure.

This administration which promised hope and change has done its best to conceal it activities while granting more oversight on Americans while being less than transparent itself.

I lived through the Carter years and although he was an amiable guy he sucked up to terrorists and Obama has done worse that that in his behavior. Obama tells us we must not denigrate Muslim faith while he thinks it is perfectly okay to attack Christian beliefs on his part.


“your actions speak so loud I cannot hear your words”

Ralph Waldo Emerson