Voting Fraud in the 2012 Election?????


I’m seeing reports of various voting irregularities. Is there an article out there that has a comprehensive list of such occurrences?

Of course, it’s obvious the the military absentee votes were suppressed. At a minimum they were way down–down too far to just be apathy.

I’m seeing reports where nearly 100% (Or more) registered voters in Ohio counties voted for Obama.

As close as this election was in many states, it looks as though Obama’s Chicago voter fraud machine did it’s job well.


Nope no such thing as voter fraud, just ask the beamed up one Trekky.


More examples of voter fraud, you know that which the democrats say does not exist…mostly because the democrats are doing the fraud.

Voter Fraud: Democrats say America doesn’t need voter identification laws because there’s no evidence of election cheating. But when a candidate doesn’t get a single vote in 59 precincts, you’ve got to wonder.

One candidate did just that last week in Philadelphia, where Mitt Romney was shut out 19,605-0 in 59 voting divisions.

The Obama Justice Department might not be concerned about that, but one man who studies voting patterns is dubious. University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato told the Philadelphia Inquirer that it deserves scrutiny.

Though Obama won last week, he lost in all four states that strictly require would-be voters to present photographic identification before receiving a ballot. Imagine what would happen if just half the states required photo ID. The game would be over for Democrats.

Voter Identification Laws Are Trouble For The Democratic Party -